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Weddings are a gorgeous right of passage for the newlyweds. Whether you hire a professional vendor for each aspect of your wedding or take on the DIY challenge, every moment of the day is a beautiful. Our beautiful couple below went the DIY route with this blissful backyard bash.

Everything put together by the bride, groom and close family members. Our bride took the time to hand create all of the gorgeous hydrangea centerpieces and bouquets, as well as gathered and designed the look with all of the remaining details. The Bridal party even custom built the long dining tables that accented the backyard so perfectly.

Every detail of this wedding carried the DIY spirit that we love oh so very much, all while Courtney Shapiro Photography expertly captured the beauty and bliss of the day.


Blissful backyard vows

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Happy Friday! This weekend’s bold and beautiful wedding comes to us from Kentucky where Jessica and Tyler said their vows. There are so many bright and beautiful details of this wedding and so little time!

The bride and groom said I Do at the beautiful Cardome Center, with so much elegance by itself, the bride and groom opted for simple details to accentuate the beauty of this historic venue. Jessica and Tyler chose a beautiful red white and blue color scheme – with all the bridesmaids in Blue with Red floral corsages, the groom and groomsmen with red ties and white boutonnieres and our blushing bride in all white with a stunning bright blue hydrangea bouquet.

Bold red white and blue florals accented the entire day from the ceremony aisle to the reception table tops all beautifully arranged by the bride and her family. The menu added additional flair with catering by Pig & Pepper Baking Company – every course and item on the menu was pie themed, the bride and groom even opted out of the traditional wedding cake and instead chose a delicious pie.

The bride and groom had all of their closest loved ones with them to celebrate their marraige. Aunts, Uncles, Close friends, and even their two adorable puppies were dressed up for this wonderful occasion. From everything we have seen and heard, this wedding was an event full of love and fun for everyone involved!

Bold and Bright Wedding

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Friday the 13th, for many sprouts ideas of bad luck. This Bride and Groom took a day many fear and turned it into something beautiful, not only that, it was indeed a lucky day, the day they said their vows to one another at a beautiful vineyard and their two families became one.

Throughout the entire day the real theme of this wedding was family. From the vendors creating cake, the mother choosing the linens, and the bride using our flowers to create the bouquets and centerpieces, everything revolved around family. Even the choice of venue – being a family owned vineyard – Khayman and Victoria said I Do in front of Keswick Vineyards beautiful 300 year old oak tree.

This Bride and Groom celebrated their new marriage on a day filled with beauty, love and our beautiful Roses in pink and white and Hydrangeas in white and blue. It truly was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple, we wish them all the luck in the many years to come.

Blooms_By_The_Box_Beck_And_Call_Photography_5 copy

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We love weddings here, each wedding has a unique and beautiful love story, and this vintage May wedding is no exception.

Ginny and Ben grew up, vacationed, worked and studied all within miles of each other, but never crossed paths. They finally met on the Lower East Side, fell in love and finally celebrated their marriage last May. This Vintage DIY Wedding Weekend took place in Cape May, New Jersey, at the elegant Chalfonte Hotel, one of the same places this couple vacationed as children.

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