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Part 6 of Blooms Blog’s “What Types of Flowers Should I Use for My Wedding” Series: What’s Your Wedding Budget?

We’ve saved the most important question for last in our “What types of flowers should I use for my wedding” series:  How much is in my wedding budget for flowers?  Now that you know all about what’s going to be in season, what flowers are DIY friendly, what types of flowers work with your wedding theme, and what kinds and how many bouquets and arrangements you want, you’ve got a solid list for your wholesale flower shopping.  But before you get started shopping, read through these tips and money-saving tricks to get the most out of your wedding budget while still getting fabulous flowers!

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Part 5 of Blooms Blog’s “What Types of Flowers Should I Use for My Wedding” Series: What Types of Flower Arrangements and Bouquets are You Making?

To help you decide what types of flowers to use for your wedding, so far we’ve covered wedding flowers by season, picking DIY-friendly flowers, and matching flowers and accents with your wedding themes.  Another key question to ask is what kind of bouquets and arrangements do you want to make?  Different arrangement styles are easier with certain kinds of flowers, and should avoid others.

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Part 4 of Blooms Blog’s “What Types of Flowers Should I Use for My Wedding” Series: What Flowers Complement Different Wedding Themes?

Today we’re looking again at “what types of flowers should I use for my wedding?” – this time at “what types of flowers match my wedding theme?”  What’s a wedding theme? It’s the style, look and feel of your event, the feeling or vibe you’re trying to convey.  Some popular wedding themes today are lavish, classic, vintage, whimsical, and festival, to name a few. Or, maybe you’re going for a really specific, personal theme.  An homage to your favorite book, like Harry Potter or The Great Gatsby? A childhood favorite, like Sleeping Beauty or Alice in Wonderland? Your favorite sport?  The flowers you use, from bouquets to centerpieces to ceremony and reception arrangements, are a great way to express your personal style throughout your wedding.

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Part 3 of Blooms Blog’s “What Types of Flowers Should I Use for My Wedding” Series: The Best DIY Wedding Flowers

We’re back with another important question when deciding what types of flowers to choose for your wedding:  What types of flowers are DIY friendly? Even if you’re experienced at arranging flowers or creating bouquets, some flower varieties are just easier to work with than others.  Some are hardy, some fragile; some last for weeks while others just for days.   Some need very little preparation to arrange, others require a little special care and handling to reach peak condition and be used in bouquets and arrangements.  Here are some tips for picking the best DIY wedding flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces.

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