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While there is no mandatory grading system for cut flowers in the U.S., a variety of standards are used to describe relative quality of common varieties. Uniformity of color, bud size and stem length are often used to differentiate various grades but may vary by grower and variety.

The products we sell are all premium "retail-quality" flowers used by professional florists and floral designers. These flowers are used to create the finest bouquets in retail florist stores, as well as high-end wedding, hotel and restaurant arrangements. Our roses, for example, are the "cream of the crop" from the most exclusive growers in the world. There is simply NO comparison between the quality of our flowers and the ones you will find at a grocery store or offshore importer.

So if you're looking for cheap flowers, there are plenty of places for those. But if you want premium quality flowers at a fraction of retail prices you have found the right source at