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Gypsophila Overtime Flowers
1 Bunch Gypsophila Overtime

Gypsophila Overtime Flowers

This item is sold by the bunch.

1 to 19 bunches

$20.40 per bunch

20 or more bunches

$18.12 per bunch



  • * Actual product may vary from image.

Common Names: Gyp, Baby's Breath

DIY favorite Gypsophila Overtime has long been favored for its lovely white blossoms that are known to bring fullness and romance to any arrangement. This variety of gypsophila (commonly referred to as baby’s breath) boasts some of the biggest flowers and most dense bunches of blooms, making it a great option for stand-alone baby's breath bouquets and arrangements. We love to see our bulk overtime baby’s breath styled as-is or paired with multicolored blossoms for a visually striking arrangement or bouquet. This season-less wonder looks as stunning in a winter wonderland-theme wedding as it does in a springtime garden gathering. Arrange them in tall, crystal vases for a black-tie affair, fill Mason jars wrapped with raffia for a rustic wedding, or use them to adorn the aisle of a beach wedding. The possibilities are truly endless and you are only limited by your floral imagination.

Our bulk gypsophila overtime is sold by the bunch, with approximately 8 to 13 stems per bunch (packed by weight).


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