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DIY Video: How To Make a Billy Ball Boutonniere

How To Make a Billy Ball Boutonniere

Using fresh roses (rose cool water lavender and rose skyline yellow), green hypericum, purple wax flower, purple limonium, and leather leaf fern we have created a beautiful and inexpensive wedding bouquet fit for the bride! This step by step will help you make all the flowers for your wedding without paying a florist the big bucks!

  1. Purchase roses, hypericum, wax flower, limonium, and leather leaf fern.
  2. Build a core and center for your bouquet with focal flowers and secure it with floral tape.
  3. Build around the center with fillers, greenery, or other floral varieties you have chosen.
  4. Try to put amounts of 3 or 5 of each type of filler or greenery to get the best consistent look throughout the bouquet.
  5. Reinforce the shape and tightness of the bouquet with floral tape as you continue to build.
  6. When you get your desired shape cut all the stems to the same length with floral sheers.
  7. Use ribbon to conceal the floral tape that is holding the bouquet together. Give it a finished and professional look with hanging ribbon and Floralife leaf shine (florist trick).

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