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What to Expect When Expecting Wholesale FlowersFor many, the thought of buying flowers directly from the wholesale flower market sounds like a daunting task, possibly because they have no idea what to expect. If you have only ever purchased flowers from your local retailer or received arrangements as gifts ready for display, then this is your opportunity to peek into the world of the wholesale flower market.

Pompon Daisies

Bunches and Counts

Wholesale flowers are almost always packaged by the grower in bunches.  The bunch might be wrapped in a cellophane sleeve or tied together.  The number of stems might be exact, like these Pompon Daisies, which are in bunches of 7.  Each variety tends to have a standard stem count per bunch, but there could be variations by grower.

Green HypericumThese green Hypericum, also known as St. John’s Wort, are packaged in 10-stem bunches.

Bear GrassMost greens are sold in bunches as well, but the stem count is not as precise. These Bear Grass bunches have about 70 stems, but nobody counted them exactly!

Plumosus FernOther greens, like this Plumosus Fern, have a more exact stem count and are bundled together with rubber bands.  Greens are stored in the coolest part of a flower cooler and last a long time without water.

RosesAs mentioned in a previous post, wholesale roses are packed in bunches of 25 stems and fit very nicely in an industry-standard long flower box.

Sun Flowers

Sleeping Beauties

Most wholesale flowers are cut and shipped BEFORE they have fully bloomed.  These sunflowers are several days away from looking like you would expect them to look.

GladiolasThese Gladiolus have barely even thought about blooming!  It’s important to factor in some time to allow different varieties to reach peak bloom when ordering wholesale flowers.


Have a Safe Trip

Wholesale flowers are packaged VERY tightly in each box. This prevents the flowers from moving within the box and actually prevents damage during shipment. The tighter the packing, the safer they are!

Spider MumsMore delicate flowers, like the classic Spider Mum, may have additional custom-designed protection. These spiders will wear “hair nets” during their journey from the grower all the way through the flower distribution process.

Large White Calla LiliesThe extremely popular large white Calla Lily has a protective sleeve over the flower and is often secured with a binding strap to the bottom of the shipping box to prevent even the slightest movement. Open-cut Calla lilies are even more delicate and must be packaged with each stem strapped to the box.

Starfighter LiliesSome flowers like these Starfighter lilies are very tough and easy to ship before the blooms have opened fully. Once they open they could never take the journey. So all lilies in the wholesale market have mostly closed blooms. This type of flower requires some lead time to allow it to bloom fully.

Dendrobium OrchidsMost wholesale flowers are dry-shipped without any water. They are kept cool during this time which keeps them in a state of suspended animation. These orchids, however, require a water vial on each stem at all times.

Double StockSome varieties of flowers may be kept in water and stored in carefully controlled floral coolers before packing for final delivery.

Wholesale RosesWholesale roses are shipped in bunches of 25 and are rolled very tightly with paper, cardboard and plastic to protect the blooms. The growers will leave on the outer protective petals, thorns and all leaves which must be removed prior to arranging.

Gerbera DaisiesSome flowers like these Gerbera Daisies were just never intended to leave the backyard. Their fully-opened blooms are very delicate, and their stems are so weak that they must be packaged in unique boxes that support the large flowers and protect the stems. Some growers actually ship them suspended in specially-designed buckets of water.

HydrangeaThe ever popular hydrangea have a very tough woody stem which makes them a challenge to pack tightly. Because they need water all the time too, these flowers have a small plastic bag on the stem with water for the journey. Many colors of Hydrangea seen in the market are actually dyed white hydrangea. These are waiting their turn to become hot pink!

What to Expect When Expecting Wholesale FlowersSo now you know what to expect (when expecting wholesale flowers) and hopefully you now have a better appreciation for the skill and artistry of your local retailer. But also realize that with proper preparation and expectations, anyone can Do-It-Yourself with flowers!

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One of the top stories and great post on last week:

(The Frisky) — Men should buy women flowers. They are colorful. They smell nice. And without them, flora would never get laid. To many, purchasing flowers is cliché or corny or tacky. And to others, it’s an outdated ritual in our modern era of gender equality… read more

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sugarflowercakepurple-wedding-cake02Wow! Some people are incredibly talented. While the flowers in one of these photos appear real, they are actually made of sugar! Minette Rushing is an amazing baker and creator of Wedding Cakes, offering classes for hobbyists and professionals alike. While my friend Donna would probably be able to make wonderful sugar flowers like these, many “sugar challenged” people like me would opt for the real thing.

Decorating a cake with fresh flowers is a fairly easy way to incorporate the colors or theme of your party right up until dessert. While you may not want the blooms actually touching the cake (in case they were treated with a pesticide), you can top the cake with a small vase or container inserted into the top of the cake, or concealed with icing. Cut the flowers very short and insert into the container. I know it’s hard to cut them for fear of cutting too short, but if you don’t cut them short enough, they will flop right out.

Adding flowers to your cake, whether they’re sugar or not, will look beautiful and make dessert just a little bit tastier! Can you tell which ones are real and which ones are sugar?

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Wholesale Roses for Two?

Posted By on Oct 13, 2009

rose packs
It may come as a surprise to anyone who has not seen or purchased roses out of the wholesale market, but wholesale roses are not sold by the dozen! They are almost always sold in pre-bundled packs of 25 stems. It is one of the few cut-flower industry standards that is widely adopted by rose growers around the world. When you first look at a bundle of wholesale roses from the top, you will see 12 or 13 tightly closed blooms arranged in 3 rows or a circular pattern. More than one DIY bride has freaked at the thought of being short half of her rose order. Thankfully though once the bundle is opened, relief comes quickly as the other half of the roses are found carefully packed directly below the top layer. This unique bundle design, which is often almost square on the end, allows for efficient packing in shipping boxes. Depending on the stem length and bloom size, rose bundles can then be packed in standard multiples within one flower shipping box.
So Why 25 roses in a bundle? Our best guess is that it guarantees two perfect one dozen rose bouquets – with one rose as a spare for handling any possible mishaps!

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BabiysBreathBaby’s Breath is a filler flower that I hesitate to mention to customers. Just hearing the name can produce a very strong negative reaction. One self proclaimed “flower snob” that I spoke with recently, said she would never consider using something as boring and passé as Baby’s Breath! When I attended a recent Garden Club show, one well-meaning attendee told me to hide my baby’s breath under the display table as no one in the audience would take me seriously if I used that worn out old stuff in one of our arrangements! I find this reaction rather amusing, because as fashions change, so does the popularity of certain flowers. Believe it or not, peonies and hydrangea were once out of style too!

I can’t help but wonder what “flower snobs” would say to Martha Stewart about the humble Baby’s Breath featured in this Wedding – Decorating For Less article. What a great, inexpensive way to create a breathtaking table for a wedding or party! And be careful what you say, because if Martha likes it, Baby’s Breath may be making a comeback!

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