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Red and green are long-recognized symbols of the Christmas season, and white, of course, for its winter feel. There is no shortage of these colors in the flower world. Red and white carnations, fragrant red and white roses, and a wide variety of greens are all popular for traditional Christmas flower arrangements.

But there are so many more options! Try bringing in a little “white Christmas” with the gracefully arching, spiky plume of Lysimachia’s small, star-shaped flowers. Or create a lush bed of Myrtle, whose woody stems and rich green leaves are reminiscent of boxwood. Create depth and interest by including Winter Berry or Hypericum, or introducing the unique texture of White Kale. Add drama with the distinctive Star of Bethlehem or the elegant Amaryllis.


Top, L-R: White Amaryllis, Winter Berry, White Kale, Star of Bethlehem, Red Amaryllis. Bottom, L-R: Red Gerbera Daisy, Lysimachia, Red Hypericum, Myrtle


There are lots of options for containers for your Christmas flower arrangements. Inexpensive plastic metallics lend a festive shine in gold or silver, but you can also look to baskets, or get creative with faux “gift boxes”.

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Celebrating Hanukkah with Fresh Flowers

Posted By on Nov 27, 2009

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is an eight-night celebration marked by gatherings of family and friends to join in the lighting of the Menorah. The traditional color scheme for Hanukkah is blue, silver, and white. Even though there are not an abundance of blues and silvers in the flower spectrum, you still have many alternatives to bring the spirit of Hanukkah to your fresh flower arrangements!

For true blues, Delphiniums are bold in color and delicate in form, and come in lighter and deeper shades. The Iris is also a brilliant blue and offers a unique shape. Blue Limonium, a lovely filler flower, is also well in the blue family. Also think about reaching just outside to the lavenders – there are some stunning, fragrant lavender roses and other fresh flower varieties that you can combine with your base arrangement to enhance your Hanukkah theme.


Top, L-R: Variegated Pitt, Blue Delphinium, White Calla Lilly (closed), Coffee Foliage, Blue Iris
Bottom, L-R: Rose Cool Water, Italian Queen Anne Lace, Blue Limonium, White Garden Roses

hanukkah2 hanukkah3

Choosing a container for your Hanukkah flower arrangement is another opportunity to expand on your design. Containers in white or silver metallic are a great option. You can also consider using clear containers, incorporating decorative stones in blues and whites to introduce more color into your arrangement.

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Fresh Flowers for Kwanzaa

Posted By on Nov 25, 2009

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration honoring the African heritage and culture, culminating with a feast and gift-giving. The traditional colors of Kwanzaa are green, red and black.  Decorations for Kwanzaa celebrations embrace African roots and traditions through the use of natural materials, fruits and vegetables.

To create a flower arrangement reminiscent of Kwanzaa, step away from the more common flower varieties like carnations and mums.  Explore more unusual, exotic types to find depth of color and diversity of shape and form.  The Leucadendron (Conebush) is a rich addition to any arrangement.  Anthuriums lend a striking impact, while Burgundy Cymbidium Orchids bring a deep elegance.  Let greens take a front seat by combining Ti Leaves with Monstera.  Even the traditional rose has a place when the beautiful green Rose Limbo is used.


Top, L-R:  China Berries, Protea Pin Cushion, Leucadendron (Conebush), Green Rose Limbo, Burgundy Cymbidium Orchid;  Bottom, L-R: Anthurium, Catttail, Monstera, Red and Black Ti Leaves


Natural materials – woods, straw – are an ideal alternative for Kwanzaa flower arrangements and centerpieces.  Just be sure to use a water-tight container inside!

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Fundraising with Wholesale Flowers

Posted By on Nov 12, 2009

Fundraising with FlowersAs a member of Greek Life at Rutgers, I know how difficult it is to set up fundraisers that actually make a good amount of money for the chapter. We’ve tried everything from selling candy (which most people just ate), to considering volunteering as a group for medical experiments.

Two years ago, my coworkers and I created to be a place where the general public could buy quality wholesale flowers for low prices. It was around Valentine’s Day when my fraternity was in need of a fundraiser. I decided to bring back some of our fresh-cut flowers, wrap them, and sell them. On an investment of $150, we made just over $300.

The process was so easy with a couple brothers helping, that we decided to do the fundraiser several more times. Each time we just gave the extra flowers to our girlfriends. It was really a win-win for everyone. And the turnaround was fast. No waiting to get a check from a fundraising company. We ordered the flowers on Monday, they arrived Tuesday, and we nearly doubled our money by that night.

Recently, we added a fundraising section to our site because of how successful it’s been. We now have pre-made bouquets which totally eliminate the work.

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Happy Halloween – belated! Arrangements in a Pumpkin

Martha Stewart asks, “What are you using as centerpieces?” In the spirit of Halloween and fall decorating, check out this beautiful idea for a fall wedding or party. This spectacular arrangement is made with orange and yellow roses, orange mini calla lilies, orange hypericum berries, tulips and daffodils. While I love it just the way it is, DIYers who are trying to save money may want to opt for in-season chrysanthemums rather than the tulips and daffodils.

To make this yourself, simply carve out the pumpkin (just like making a Jack-O-Lantern without the eyes, nose and mouth!) Insert floral foam that has been thoroughly soaked in water or insert a vase or container filled with water into the carved out pumpkin.

If you prefer not to have the mess of a real pumpkin, invest in a ceramic one that can be used for many years to come. We made this simple arrangement with cream-colored roses, Viking mums, orange wax flowers and lily grass. While we could have used floral foam, we just used the pumpkin like a vase and filled it with water.

Arranging flowers in pumpkins are a simple and fun way to enjoy the beauty of the season and to have a Happy Halloween!

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