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Last Minute Flowers

Posted By on Dec 18, 2009

For last minute holiday decorating ideas, Martha never lets us down. Look at this great winter arrangement with white amaryllis and a variety of greens. If you want a more “Christmasy” look, just substitute red amaryllis for the white. After the holidays are over, the white is again perfect for winter entertaining.

If trying to find white birch bark is a little “over the top” for you, don’t worry. With this arrangement, most containers you have will still look great.


For a low table centerpiece, this simple carnation arrangement idea from Lakeview Flowers will be sure to impress. Find a small square glass vase and cover the bottom with pebbles. Line the outside with a flat leaved evergreen. Cut and insert carnations and ornaments. Green or gold would be my preference with red carnations for a holiday party, but silver ornaments with white carnations would be great for the winter.

Happy Entertaining! Happy Holidays!

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December Decorating

Posted By on Dec 11, 2009

Evergreen Front Door Here in the Northeast, we had unusually warm weather this fall. My geraniums lasted longer than usual, and my potted chrysanthemums looked great. But now that Thanksgiving is over, and my mums are looking tired, it’s time to switch seasons and decorate for Christmas. With the variety of evergreens available in the wholesale flower market, the options for decorating the insides and outsides of our homes are more varied and beautiful than ever before.

Evergreen Arrangement A Christmas wreath, of course, is wonderful, but don’t put your window boxes and flowerpots away for the winter. Instead, fill them with holiday greens, ribbons, pinecones or ornaments to enhance and compliment that old favorite wreath. With simple cup hooks (that you will barely notice the rest of the year) you can frame your front door with lovely garland and bows. To add height and interest to your pots of evergreen, consider adding dead tree branches that have been painted white, silver, or gold.

Evergreen Windowbox Don’t forget your mailbox. With a little floral wire, it is so easy to tie evergreen boughs over the top. Cover the wire with a bow, and no one will ever notice it! Last year, after I had wrapped the post with leftover garland, I decorated the base of our mailbox with leftover evergreens and sprigs of holly. My mail carrier was very impressed (and she’s seen a lot of mailboxes!).

evergreenwindowbox1In Colonial Times, our forefathers brought evergreens into their homes to remind them that the long hard winters were temporary and that spring would always return. This works for us too! Adding garland to our mantles, stairs, and tables, brings the beauty of nature inside and helps bring “warmth” to our homes.

Evergreen SledEnjoy this beautiful time of the year, and enjoy decorating your home inside and out. May these special moments of the season bring you joy and peace!

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