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Having a Beautiful Birthday Party

Posted By on Feb 17, 2010

Kids love flowersWhen our two daughters were little, as soon as the Holidays were over, I began planning birthday parties. With their birthdays in January and February, only three weeks apart, the task was sometimes overwhelming. How many things can you do with little girls in the winter? They had pretty much had it with Valentine’s Day themed parties!

We came up with the idea of a flower arranging party. We ended up with a “Springtime in January” tea and flower arranging party. Our oldest daughter loved the idea, but I wasn’t ready for the reaction from her friends. I can still remember the absolutely shocked and thrilled looks on their faces when they saw the flowers. “ Are we going to get to do something with THOSE?” they asked.

As “at home” birthday parties go, it wasn’t too difficult or messy. The flowers needed to be pre-cut and hydrated (this means letting them soak up water and can be done the day before). We worked at a table in our basement that was covered with a plastic sheet. When we finished, the plastic sheet and everything on it was picked up and thrown away.

The party also wasn’t very expensive. Wholesale flowers are a great value. For $100.00 you can buy A LOT of wholesale flowers that little girls love. We used plastic containers (the kind you buy at the grocery store for leftovers) filled with floral foam for the arrangements. They can be easily decorated with markers or stickers as an additional activity if you think you need one.

For a party of 10 girls, plan on buying the following:

10 plastic containers
Floral Foam (the green foam that florists use for arrangements, saturated with water) cut to the size of the containers. Flowers and Greens

flower_girlThe variety of flowers is almost endless, but consider inexpensive, seasonal flowers that are easy to work with. Roses with thorns may not be the best option, but Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Alstromeria, and Sunflowers are great. Filler flowers like Monte Casino Asters and Statice are also colorful and fun to arrange. Greens like leatherleaf fern are very inexpensive and are needed to compliment the flowers:

A sample of flowers and greens for 10 children would be as follows:

25 Pink Carnations
10 Red Alstromeria
2 bunches Yellow Pompon button mums (14 stems)
2 bunches Pompon Daisies (14 stems)
10 Sunflowers
2 bunches Purple Monte Casino Asters (20 stems)
2 bunches Leather Leaf fern

girlFlowersOne of the best parts of the party was watching the girls show their Moms what they had made. Believe me, a lot of them looked, shall we say, “less than professional”, but the girls thought they were absolutely beautiful, and their Moms did too!

Our oldest daughter ended up with the reputation of having the best birthday parties in her school. All together, she had three flower arranging parties, in second, fourth, and fifth grades. ! Our youngest daughter had one too, with equally successful results.
In fact, I had several Moms suggest that I go into the birthday party business!

If you have a daughter that loves flowers, (and I know there are lots of them out there!) and you are a “Do It Yourselfer”, consider a party that will be new, different, loads of fun, and beautiful too!

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Snow & Roses Don’t Mix

Posted By on Feb 9, 2010

blizzardSurely there is a good reason why Valentine’s Day is in February, but whoever decided the date clearly did not consider the shipping logistics involved with the month.   As we head into the high holy (for the flower market anyway) V-Day weekend, once again a major snow storm is roaring across the country.  This is going to wreak havoc on the millions of stems of fresh cut flowers that need to get where they are going this week!   The timing of gifts, parties, and especially fundraising events for the holiday do not allow for airport and trucking delays, but this is once again going to be a factor.   Flowers coming in from all over the world and especially from South America depend on airline freight carriers to the US.   Once in the US, (often landing in Miami), they then need to be distributed to the thousands of wholesalers across the country via trucking and airline freight haulers and common carriers such as UPS and FedEx.   Those wholesalers then must deliver the flowers via local or private trucking companies to the retail shops…. and there is simply no time for SNOW to slow things down. So everybody talks about the weather but no one does anything about it. We say move V-Day to a snow-free month!

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