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My mom always told me, “Try not to wear a lot of white before Memorial Day, and definitely no white after Labor Day.” Whenever I heard this mantra I knew that summer was approaching! Fortunately, this fashionable maxim does not apply to flowers. It actually may be the opposite! If you’re planning a wedding for the summer season, here’s some advice…

Seashells enhance this tropical bouquet.

Seashells enhance this tropical bouquet.

When you are planning a summer wedding, let the aspects of the season guide your wedding flower choices. Try to personify the cool summer breeze, the colors of the red sky at sunset, or the warmth of the sand in your floral arrangements. There are lots of ways to incorporate the ambiance of summer into your wedding flowers. Punchy colors, cool greenery, and playful accents give summer wedding flowers a little kick. Something as simple as adding shells to your beach wedding bouquet will add elegance to your summer wedding!

Remember that smaller bouquets are appropriate for most summer weddings, as larger bouquets tend to wilt more easily. You also want to keep your flowers looking light and natural, so stick with bouquet shapes like organic, round, or small cascade. A loosely tied bunch of white daisies makes a perfect summer wedding bouquet.

Try not to choose off-season flowers. When you select your flowers, choose varieties that are blooming in the summer. Flowers that aren’t in season for summer are more likely to wilt and discolor in the heat. Flowers that are seasonal in your area or in similar climates will work best.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Here’s a list of some summer flowers…

Alstroemeria: Also known as a Peruvian Lily is available in yellow, purple, and violet. They are beautiful, exotic looking flowers.

Chrysanthemum: These summer blooms come in large and compact varieties. Colors range from white, red, yellow, purple, pink, and orange.

Gerbera Daisy: These friendly flowers will add brightness to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece. They come in a variety of beautiful colors like vibrant yellows, pinks, and oranges.

Sunflower: Sunflowers epitomize summer! Large or small varieties make a terrific summer wedding flower arrangement.

Rose: The traditional wedding flower! Roses don’t always have to be red. They come in a variety of shades and colors.

Orchid: A tropical flower in many exotic colors including white, pink, and purple. A lovely selection for a beach wedding.

Calla Lilly: A gorgeous bloom in an amazing array of colors from white, pink, lavender, red, yellow, orange, and many more. 

Bright punches of color for summer!

Bright punches of color for summer!

Lastly, don’t forget to always have fun with color, it is summer of course! Summer wedding flowers can be as bold and bright as you want them to be. Combinations of vibrant brights will make a poised statement at your wedding, or mix brights with pastels for a more subdued look. Color combinations like coral and turquoise, orange and light green, and hot pinks with lighter shades of pink look fresh for summer!

And probably the most important advice, make sure to keep your flowers fresh! During the summer months you’ll be dealing with a lot of heat and humidity. Remember to keep a watchful eye over your wedding flowers on the big day.  Make sure that bouquets and centerpieces get plenty of water and are spared from extreme heat conditions as much as possible. Keep flowers in refrigeration or air-conditioning as long as possible before you walk down the aisle.  Also, place bouquets into water when you’re not using them.

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Matching corsage and boutonniere!

Matching corsage and boutonniere!

It’s that time of year again…

As high school students across the nation prepare for the most exciting event of their high school career (besides graduation). Yes, it’s PROM SEASON!!

Times have changed and the modern-day proms have little resemblance to the proms of yester-year. Most proms today are held in elaborate banquet halls where teens arrive in lavish limousines dressed to the nines. Girls flaunt their handcrafted updos and manicured fingers, as they dance the night away.

Although the prom may be a Cinderella moment for all the young ladies out there, the price tag for this extravagant evening can cause havoc with parents and threaten to bankrupt a household budget. From the dress, the shoes, the hair, the nails, the limo, the prom ticket, the tux, and the roll of film you’re going to need to capture the “pre-prom pictures”, you could spend a small fortune. Not to mention, you still need to get her a corsage and him a boutonniere!

This year, try saving some money by making your own corsages and boutonnieres! Moms, I know what you’re thinking, “One more thing I have to do!” Well, let this be an opportunity for your daughters and their girlfriends to give you a hand and make their prom flowers memorable! Try having a “Corsage and Boutonniere Party” where a bunch of you get together and make custom corsages and boutonnieres! Here’s a fantastic video to show you that it’s not as hard as it seems Project Green Prom: How to make your own corsage.

Prom Perfection

Prom Perfection

Ladies, we all know your date is supposed to get you a corsage. But as my dad always says, “If you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself.” Make his life a little easier by making your corsage for him, this way you know that you’ll like it and it will compliment both your dress and his tie perfectly! Remember, the prom is all about the experience and fabulous memories you’re going to make! I think that this would be a perfect way to make your prom even more memorable, while saving money.

Just some closing advice, in a nod to the Latin elegance, 2010 prom trends call for larger flowers, especially exotics. Boutonnieres offer complementary splashes of color against solid backgrounds. Have fun creating your prom masterpieces!!

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Get Creative this Mother’s Day!

Posted By on Apr 20, 2010

Creativity is key!

Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Every first Sunday in May we celebrate a day for those special people in our lives that willingly do our dirty laundry, make us chicken soup when we’re sick, and basically keep our lives in order (even after we leave the nest). That’s right, your Mom.

This year, instead of giving her the traditional gift of jewelry or chocolate, go that extra mile and show mom that you really care with a homemade, personalized flower arrangement! I know what you’re thinking… “Why make something that I can just buy at a florist?” Well, your mom didn’t buy hungry man dinners every night and pop them in the microwave, did she? I bet she took the time to make your family a home-cooked meal with her own personal touches. Why not apply this principle to your gift giving this year!

All mothers love a freshly cut flower arrangement. And I’m sure she’ll be both thrilled and impressed that you actually took the time to make her a personalized arrangement instead of just calling a florist to do the work for you. Plus, you’ll be saving money!

Don’t be afraid! You don’t have to be a flower expert to create a bouquet or unique arrangement from scratch. Nobody can make homemade cookies without a recipe, so here are some helpful hints when you’re making that special gift for mom…

1. Let your creativity flow. Don’t second-guess your inner flower arranging voice. If someone advises you, “Don’t put yellow flowers with blue flowers” and your mother likes blue and yellow flowers, mix them together. Throw the rulebook out the window.

2. Be careful when choosing your flowers. You want your arrangement for your mom to be unique and personalized for her, so if you know that your mom loves sunflowers, make sure to incorporate them in the arrangement.

3. Simplicity isn’t a bad thing! Don’t overwhelm yourself or your flowers trying to come up with a lavish combination of different types of flowers. You could use multiples of the same kind flowers. Simple arrangements are elegant and easy to do!

4. Remember that bigger isn’t always better. Small arrangements can make the same impact as a large arrangement. Try making two smaller arrangements for both your mother-in-law and your mother, this way you kill two birds with one stone.

Creativity is key!

Creativity is key!

5. Think outside the vase. Every flower arrangement comes in a vase of some kind. When choosing what to put your flowers in make sure it’s something unique. Don’t go too outside the box here, but something like a coffee mug or glass wear would be a great substitute (and they can use it after the flowers are long gone). This will make your arrangement even more memorable.

6. Keep an eye on your water. Flower arrangements are not static; you can’t just make them and expect them to be beautiful. You want to make sure that your flowers are well hydrated and the water is clear. Cloudy water is a sign of bacteria infestation; so if the water is cloudy, make sure to change it.

7. Don’t forget about the bouquet! All flower arrangements don’t have to be in water, to make it easier for yourself you can just give your mom a bouquet of her favorite stems. However, make sure you keep your flowers in water until Mother’s Day.

8. Remember that there is no “perfect” flower arrangement. Imperfections give floral arrangements originality. As long as what you created makes you happy, it will make your mom happy.

Follow these hints and I’m sure that you will be the envy of all of your siblings this year! And not to mention, score big bonus points with mom.

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