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I have a favorite new arrangement idea! Pomander carnation arrangements!  It’s bright, its fun, and its modern. Paying the big bucks for floral designers to make modern arrangements is no longer a must! Besides, wouldn’t you rather do it yourself and earn bragging rights! I suggest a round pomander arrangement. It will make you look like a pro! Using floral foam gives a round, professional, looking shape. People will think these were expensive and that you used a savvy floral designer.

These arrangements posted by Olga Goddard are easy to make and most importantly can fit ANY budget. Carnations are one of the most inexpensive flowers sold in bulk. But wait, its a combo! All the glass flower containers can be found at craft stores for less then ten dollars a piece! This means you can create all the arrangements for a wedding reception on your own, fast, and within budget! WHAT A DEAL!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Order carnations
2. Upon delivery cut stems, place them in water, and prepare to arrange flowers.
3. Cut stems with floral scissors or a very sharp knife (not regular scissors) so they are only about 1.5″ long, so you can push carnations into floral foam. Sometimes it’s best to cover floral foam with floral tape to hold flowers together.
4. One by one push the carnations into the round floral foam. Make sure they are close enough together so you can’t see foam between flowers. Hint: use a paper towel roll so you can go around the whole bouquet without smashing flowers by placing them on a table.
5. After you have reached desired fullness they are ready to be placed in a floral vase of your choice!
6. Tell all your friends that you hired your favorite designer (jk, be proud of your work!)

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Isn’t it nice when people who serve our country get married military style!? I think so.  But what about the flowers, What do you do? That’s a very common question for those who are planning a military wedding! But don’t worry, we have answers! Military weddings have some strict guidelines, but luckily for the military bride, flowers have no such restrictions. What it’s really all about is trying make your flowers fit the theme and colors that will be present.

Here are some color and floral combinations you will love!

Lots of golden (yellow) flowers are used for military weddings because almost every military uniform from navy to air-force has gold in it. The arrangement idea below matches the military uniform and brings color and pop to the bride, bridal party, and center pieces. These arrangements feature yellow rosescarnations, football mums and green lily grass.

Traditional military weddings most often use solid white or red bouquets. These are clean tangible choices that minimize  clutter. Besides, there’s plenty of color within military uniforms. It’s a more modern, sheik look to stay simple.  Simple silhouettes are crisp and delicate. The white bouquet highlights the white calla lily with a simple filler called green ti leaves. The red bouquet spotlights red roses with touches of green lily grass.

These austere arrangements are the perfect touch to your military wedding. And since we appreciate the men and women serving our country, here at we offer a special military discount for our soldiers who are getting married. Enter VGNQN to get your military discount!

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We all watched the Royal wedding at one point or another, whether it was 4am or on re-runs, we all felt the magnetism of this inspired celebration. Its near impossible to overlook the fairytale joining of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. In fact, the only way to describe the celebration is royally remarkable. It was a historical moment that women will model their own weddings after for generations.

There is good news ladies! This look is not impossible for any bride! The trends of the royal wedding can be replicated on your own special day. Bringing the elegance and thought from the royal wedding  bouquet to your own is a flawless way to make your day just as royal.

One of the most explosive trends of the Royal Wedding is the Lily of the Valley because its romantic meaning, traditional white color, and delicate appearance. The lily of the valley has so many meaningful undertones within such a simple,  elegant arrangement.

There are many ways to replicate the ideas used in the royal wedding. Using all white flowers for the bridal bouquet with bits of  Lily of the Valley is an affordable way to recreate this look.  Arrange the bouquet with a bright green filler wrapped in a classic bow or lacy ribbon.

Here is an example of a bouquet you can use to replicate the royal wedding’s elegant arrangement:

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It’s summer, and its time to get outside in that gorgeous weather and soak up the sun. Whether its a date, family gathering, or bridal shower a picnic is a traditionally lustrous way to enjoy the season. There is no better way to get loved ones together like food, flowers, and fun in the sun! offers a great idea for designing your own picnic bouquets. Grace Bonney posts pictures in sequence order so you can re-create your picnic bouquet with family and friends all on your own!

Flowers like Gerbera Daisies, Carnations, Asters, Alstromeria, Iris,and Lilies are all  summer flowers that create a great base for creation as they are bright, expressive, and inexpensive at wholesale prices!

What a great arrangement idea! It’s puckish and fun! Plus, there are so many ways to make it fit your life. Get some friends together and each make a bouquet and see who fashions the most beautiful one! Or even use this idea at a bridal shower. Who can make the best picnic bouquet for the bride to be? This DIY idea could be the complete touch to any outdoor event!

Good luck on your bouquet!

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