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Go with make submerged centerpieces for you DIY! Doing your own wedding flowers can be scary if you plan on making a large, extravagant  arrangements. To be completely frank, you don’t need anything crazy to make an impact. You can make simple arrangements that look edgy without all the fuss and worry. In fact, submerged arrangements are a great way to communicate class and elegance in your wedding arrangements, while keeping your wallet in mind. You can use whatever color scheme you have in mind for your wedding! You can also adjust the types of flowers and vases to go with contemporary, country, traditional, and fun wedding themes. DIY submerged centerpieces are simple, this is something anyone can do (maybe even your 1 year old flower girl haha).

Picture from Elizabeth Anne Designs

They Cost Less. You don’t need to purchase as many flowers as when your making traditional centerpieces. All you need is a couple focal flowers in each arrangement. Another plus is that water is FREE! All you need is a couple stunning flowers, a vase of your choice, and water! If you want to spruce it up you can ad floating candles, greenery, crystals, or colorful LED lights.

They Fit The Most Popular Wedding Trends. There are two huge wedding trends right now. One is country rustic weddings and the other is modern/ high fashion design. You can make submerged arrangements country but using amaranths and dangling greens flowing into the water from above. You can even put  submerged greenery centerpieces at country rustic weddings!  Using submerged arrangements fits right into the high fashion/modern design favored in the wedding industry because it is has a clean lined, sheik, and simple look. This means you can have the top trending wedding flowers without making a dent in your wedding budget. (Winning!)

Elizabeth Anne Design Submerged

Picture from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Best Flowers To Submerge.Some flowers are too delicate to submerge. To get the best look try more sturdy flowers that will not wilt in water. Avoid using flowers with pollen because it can cloud the water. Heavier flowers will not float to the top so try larger stemmed flowers. Here are some good flowers to use:
Calla Lilies– very sturdy flower and stem
Orchids – vertical stem with multiple blooms is great for tall cylinder vases
Tulips – strong flower offered in many colors to complete bright color schemes
Gladiolus – strong stem and delicate petals that flow beautifully in water

How To Do It Yourself.
1. Get flowers, glass vase, and have water ready (to avoid bubbles use some distilled water)
2. Fill  70% of the vase with water if you are using pebbles or crystals and 85% of the vase if your only using flowers and fillers.
3. Slowly and carefully put in flowers, crystals, or greenery.
4. If things are starting to float tie fishing line to the stems, tie them to a rock and cover with pebbles.

I hope this has given you inspiration DIY Couples! Please comment with questions and advice for others! Thank you!

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Calla Lilies are one of the most popular wedding flowers in America. It’s sleek slender, and flawless shape makes it desirable for most modern brides who are looking for uncluttered and smooth wedding arrangements.

Fall weddings are perfect if you have that calla lily fix. They come in a variety of reds, burgundies, oranges, yellows, and lavenders. These complimentary colors will give punches of color in addition to a finished texture and shape without having to add any other types of flowers or fillers.

In these particular arrangements the bride used mini calla lilies, another budget slasher. This is perfect if you are a DIY Bride on a budget. All you would need is one bunch of mini calla lilies per bridesmaid and one bunch in each color for the brides bouquet.

Photos by Becky Hill on Elizabeth Anne Designs

Even bring the calla lily theme into the reception. Callas are great for submerged  centerpieces or in a stylish vase as seen on Style Me Pretty Blog. Photographed by EasyWind Studio.


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Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly! The holidays are right around the corner and its time to start thinking about decorating! One of the best ways to get family and friends in the holiday mood is to decorate with aesthetically pleasing holiday greens. The smell of cedar, holly, and pines will fill your home through out the whole season, you won’t need holiday scented candles! Start a holiday tradition by ordering wholesale items to decorate both inside and outside your home for the holidays.

Left Top: Holly Bough Tips   Right Top: Pine Cone
Left Bottom: Assorted Holiday Greens   Right Bottom: Winter Berries

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1. Keep it within the budget. Surprisingly enough this is what every single guy in the office said when I told them I was writing this post. This is the most important to most grooms, although they want you to have your dream wedding flowers they don’t thinks its the most important thing to focus your budget on! If you DIY your flowers, its the perfect compromise, you get all the flowers you wanted, and you save a small fortune while making your hubby appreciate your willingness to meet him halfway (perfect marriage practice)!

2. They care about their boutonniere. I mean considering the groom will be wearing some of the wedding flowers he should have a say! He will probably care if he is wearing a pink rose with a pink feather and sparkles! Ask him what colors from your color scheme he wants on his boutonniere, get on Google images and show him some of his options! I am sure this is another thing that will make him also feel like a part of the wedding planning. Quite shockingly grooms, over time, have become more and more interested in becoming wedding involved!

3. Think about his style too. Even if he is not interested in helping you with the design of the flowers, keep in mind his style. If he is sporty yellows or blues are great colors for him. If he is on top of the latest clothing for men, consider edgy color schemes. Right now the popular edgy trend is a classic rustic look, an incorporation of pale tones and terra cottas.

4. Don’t be upset if he doesn’t care at all. Some grooms are just not going to care about the wedding flowers. As the general manager of, Larry, says, “I only remember the  h’orderves and the brand of scotch at my wedding, there might have been some flowers”. If that’s the case its a free-for-all! Do whatever your heart desires because a week after the wedding when you ask him what color the flowers are he will probably guess and make that “I should know this” face!


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