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A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration

If you are a DIY or budget bride I seriously suggest this book! Even if you’re already married this book is a touching and helpful read (surely marriage is all around). The book covers broad range of topics that will blow your mind. In fact, if you want to be sane and plan a wedding on a budget(medium or small) reading this book can make you less of a psychopath bridezilla. One of the quotes that really wraps up this book is one that holds deep impact. She says, “I will not remember what my wedding looked like; I will remember what it felt like.”

Meg goes on to help you face the bigger choices like the wedding venue and color scheme. She reaches deeper in a chapter called Battling the Myth of Tradition where she expresses her respect for traditions while encouraging you to make your own, after all America is a place of liberation and creating new traditions.

Meg places importance on the things that matter most to you as a wedding couple when guiding you along the budget process, the planning, and even doing it yourself! She dedicates a larger portion of her book on DIY flowers that will help you create the best of the best on your big day with sanity in mind. I think my favorite point is that you should “do-it-together”. It turns DIY work into DIY fun. Doing it together is essential,  your are going to need loved ones at your side in this important time of life.  Her step by step DIY wedding advice gives you instructions based on her plentiful DIY flower experiences. She even used Blooms By the Box flowers at a friends wedding, I would say that is pretty smart!

Here are some of the raving reviews on Amazon:

– “Most importantly, it will help you to shape your wedding into something that reflects you as a couple, and will guide you towards that goal in manageable steps while following the path of least resistance.”-Eliba

– “This well-written, thoughtful, empathic, humorous and tender guide to weddings and all that surrounds them is a wonderful book. It will work not only for the about-to-be-married but also for their families and friend” – Sara B. Day

– “This well-written, thoughtful, empathic, humorous and tender guide to weddings and all that surrounds them is a wonderful book. It will work not only for the about-to-be-married but also for their families and friends” – Anita Mishook

Click her to get the book on Amazon!  Big thanks to Meg Keene for guiding us to a better wedding experience and preparation. Your DIY Wedding advice is greatly appreciated We love you!

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Newly Weds Kiss at 12 surrounded by wedding guests

New Year’s eve weddings have quite the reputation for their hoof-spa!. I mean look at how much fun the wedding from Wedding Aces looks! Its the one day a year brides can get away with spray painting everything silver or gold at their wedding. Sparkle is a must and a killer accent to New Years wedding accessories. But why can’t we be crazy like this all year round. Wait, we can! Lets take a look at some awesome New Year’s Eve wedding inspiration and lets dare to put it in summer weddings! Grab that floral spray and get ready to dream up something crazy!

Silver sprayed billy balls and white rananculus boutonierres

To get this look (photos from Gods Garden Pleasure Blog) at your wedding, order billy balls (they are usually yellow) . They have the perfect shape and texture for spray painting. They almost look like a disco ball and nothing says party like disco balls ladies! Other awesome flowers or fillers to spray paint and incorporate into arrangements include curly willow tips, eucalyptus, and sheet moss.

The best news about this inspiration is all you have to do is grab a can of spray paint and innovate. Using floral spray is better for flowers but you can always add miscellaneous objects from your local craft store and spray paint them to get a similar look. After you have sprayed the accents in shades of silver, pearl, gold, and sparkle let them dry and work them into your DIY wedding arrangements.

It is important to use creativity to make your wedding representative of your personality and taste. If you are not a follow the crowd bride, fun innovation can really be the way you set yourself apart from the traditional wedding without compromising ceremonial traditions that others hold dear (like your parents). Don’t be afraid to personalize this look and we would love to see the ideas you come up with! Comments encouraged!


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Official Image for 2012 Color of The YearTangerine and burgundy flowers that match 2012 pantone color of the year

The 2012 Pantone Color of the Year has been released! The title “color of the year” means its going to be a trendy one. Use tangerine tango in your DIY arrangements and projects to be an innovator of a new trend! The beautiful tangerine tango color is bright and daring, just what we need in 2012.

Flowers in this color scheme are plentiful. Orange flowers of this caliber include orange gerbera daisies , rose miracle, lilies, bird of paradise, flower petals,  and spray roses. The burgundies and reds are also plentiful in the fall season! They include calla lily, gerbera daisies, snapdragons, and rose petals.

Tangerine and burgundy flower petals from

What do you think of this year’s color choice? Will you be trying to use these colors more often in 2012?

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Photo from A&E TV show “Monster In-laws”- Mother of the bride not a fan of son-to-be!

We all know that it’s time to put on our game face for the holiday season, ESPECIALLY when it comes to in-laws. Some of us are blessed with an amazing family and some of us have to weather the storm, also known as family holiday parties. Just think about how much easier it would be if we set ourselves up for success by getting them on our good side before the holidays begin. Let me begin by saying this is all in good fun and lightheartedness, I know your in-laws are probably the bomb, but if there was a time to get it out of your system it’s now (comment as disguised name below with juicy stories!).

1. Send a Card. Mother in-laws love an update. Send a holiday card with a picture of some random decorating or food you made from own of  her recipes (the cheesier the better!). Flatter her, she will remember this at the holiday party and may even brag to others about you, but who cares if it’s embarrassing, at least you got out of a night of lecturing.

2. Send Her Holiday Greens. Send your in-laws a holiday wreath or some garland. They will appreciate the gesture you made to get them in the holiday spirit. This will get them feeling positive about you, hopefully long enough to get through new years too!

3. Bring Awesome Food. Bring something really yummy that people will look forward in the coming years. Start a tradition in the family = an automatic in! This is will also capture your father in-law after all “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” (so cliche but true).

Please tell us your in-law stories and the things you have done to get them on your good side before the holidays!


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