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Easy DIY Green Wedding Bouquets

Posted By on Jan 27, 2012

Literally these bouquets may be the easiest thing of all on your DIY wedding list! All you need to do is order wholesale wedding flowers and bunch them together with some floral tape and cover the stems with some ribbon. This is LOW STRESS, low time requirement, and elegant DIY! (winning!) It gets even better, the flowers in this bouquet are some of the most inexpensive in the flower industry! All you need are green spider Anastasia, dianthus, and green pompon buttons – yes that is really all you need!

This DIY Inspiration comes from the amazing Jessica Bishop from The Budget Savvy Bride! For more pictures click here! Photographer Alex Embry from “Photos by Alex”

Comments and questions appreciated!

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Flower petals have been part of the wedding tradition for a very long time. But, there are ways to make it your very own with inexpensive wedding DIY! Try some of these designs to personalize your wedding,  make a cohesive color theme, and spend less money! This is a great way to cut down on expensive fabrics just to get a fit for your color scheme. Try thinking about how you could use them at your wedding, here are some starters!

1. Float petals in submerged centerpieces.

Floating petals add color to water and reflects gracefully. Another perk is that you do not need too many petals to make an impact. Less petals = less money spent = happy! Play with the petals in the water to get the best look and your set to go! Yup that is right, it is easy, less expensive, and beautiful.  I would say this is a smart choice for centerpieces!

2. Decorative landscape design down the isle at the wedding ceremony.

Have an outdoor venue that needs a little extra something? Decorative floral design is a great way to add elegance to a plain aisle or wedding grounds. Using curvy designs adds sophistication. Try this with more colorful petals to make it match your color scheme.

3. Covering the cake table.

                     Covering the cake table with flower petals is a long-lived tradition. People do this for a reason, the cake table can be pretty plain without some decorative and colorful punch. Use flower petals on the table and even on the cake to attract the eye. Personal touches put together the wedding. Having the same flower petals in all places add to the overall theme and pull things together.

4. Give them to the flower girl all day! Not just for the ceremony!

 Putting flower petals in a basket for your flower girl is one of the oldest traditions in weddings. Change it up by giving the flower girl more flower petals for the reception and let her play the part all day. Once again this will add to the cohesive theme you have put together the whole day! And good news, you will always have a trail on the flower girl so you can’t loose her hehe!

5.  Let your guests throw them as you depart from the ceremony as husband and wife!

Doesn’t that look like so much fun? I say flower petals all the way! Ditch the rice and get showered with colorful flower petals that will drift down slowly! It’s fun and in all honestly it probably hurts less! Rice sounds harsh, who wants to be making the ouch face in wedding pictures anyway!

 Why Freeze Dried Flower Petals? Simply enough freeze dried petals are the most reliable. They do not run, wet or dry,  and they can’t smudge on fabrics (so they cannot stain your wedding dress or guests clothing!!). They also last forever, your guests can take some home and you can put them in your wedding scrap book. You can buy fresh flower petals but they will not last and they will smudge dresses, clothing, and tablecloths. There are so many decorative designs using flower petals that will give your wedding edge! Post your ideas as a comment!

 Here are some of your options for colors! Click for more!

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So you have decided to do our own wedding flowers but have never even put flowers in a vase in your whole life. That’s okay, Diana, here to the rescue! I have over about 6 months  accumulated a library of videos to teach you step by step how to make your dream arrangements. The flowers of your dreams can be made BY YOU with flowers as close to the wholesale price as you can get.  The big point here is, all the resources you need to learn about your wedding arrangements are available to you. We also realize your busy as well! That’s why the videos are short and to the point! You can become a pro in less than 30 minutes by just watching a few of our short videos! If you have any questions after watching the video you can always get help from me by commenting on the videos or visiting Blooms.

When you purchase wholesale flowers they will come packaged like a florist would receive them. You need to remove thorns, cut the stems, and place the flowers in water before arranging. When receiving flowers other than roses you do not need to remove thorns you just need to remove bottom leaves, cut them, and hydrate them to prepare for arranging. It is a short and simple process that can save you the big bucks!


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Whether you are the bridesmaid or bride- to-be you she be excited about the bridal shower! The wedding will be taken a lot more seriously so the bridal shower is a time to throw in all the girly and fun stuff the soon to be hubby does not want to see! That means hot pink, light pink, barbie pink, sparkly pink, just about any color pink! And purple and all the girly themes hubby says no to for the wedding. Get it all out of your system in the bridal shower and use the more traditional and classic looks that hubby agrees on for the wedding!

This picture from features a lot of key flowers  perfect for a Bridal Shower:

1. Rose Sweet Unique

2. Pink Wax Flower

3. White Chrysanthemus

4. You can use light pink carnations to make the hanging pomanders. Check out this for a step by step video for making pink carnation pomanders.

Use your imagination to come up with fun and girly ideas for your bridal shower! I would personally love to see some of the things you come up with.  Please post your pictures here or email them to me at and I will put them on the blog! Just imagine your every own “feature”! Even if you are a professional photographer, I would love to see it!

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