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There are clear floral wedding trends that you see littered all over the top wedding blogs! Sometimes the modernity of a trend requires perfection or professionalism, for example a perfectly round and symmetrical bouquet is a little more difficult to make when your wingin’ it.  My favorite part of the current floral trends is that you really don’t need to be any type of seasoned veteran of floral arranging. The floral trend throws symmetry out the window, GOOD FOR THE DIY BRIDE! This means you can pull off this look without much research or practice, which is important because your probably insanely busy!

Photo from top Wedding Blog: Style Me Pretty taken by Ozzy Garcia Photography

Photo from Top Blog: DIY Bride taken by Andy Stenz Photography

Photo from Top Wedding Blog: Postcards and Pretties taken by Melissa Tuck Photography

Photos from Top Wedding Blog: The Knotty Bride taken by Erica Ann Photography and Fine Art

Okay so we all see the clear theme from these photos! It is all about the imperfection of the shape that really makes these greenery filled bouquets so special. Its nice to take comfort in the idea that an imperfect look is today’s perfect! If you want to achieve the perfectly imperfect look as a Do-It-Yourself Bride I have a couple of tricks to help you along!

DIY Tricks to Make a Perfectly Imperfect Bouquet
1. Use delicate greenery! The most popular is seeded eucalyptus which is the exact greenery in the top three photos that hang from each bouquet. This delicate yet vine-like greenery graces a bouquet with rustic touches. Use multiples of 3 or 5 stems to outline the bouquet and give a draped look. Other perfectly imperfect greens include hanging amaranthus, ivy, and pittosporum (like the last photo). The greenery is really the key to this look so this is the only suggestion that’s a must for this look!

2.  Use 3-4 types of focal flowers, 2 types of fillers, and 2 greens. This is a way to created a highly textured look. It will force the eye to look at multiple areas of the bouquet, keeping the focus of your guests for that extra minute to appreciate the beauty. Some great textured additions to put in your bouquet include, billy balls (yellow ball in 3rd picture), wax flower filler (last photo),  hypericum filler (2nd and 3rd photos) and lisianthus, which has multiple closed buds accompany its fluffy flowers! We also have more texture advice if needed.

3. Don’t worry too much about the shape as you put together the flowers. Add flowers as you please rotating between focal flowers, greens, and fillers with the more drapping filler near the outer edges. This methods works best as a hand tied bouquet (which saves you money by eliminating the need for foam and such). Purchasing wholesale flowers to make your own bouquet and 4-5 bridesmaids bouquets can cost you as little as $150.00!


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I am sure all of you know all about Meg Keene’s famous book A Practical Wedding by now, but for those of you who don’t, here is a little recap! The book is every single bride’s, big budget or little, guide to “creative ideas for planning beautiful, affordable, and meaningful celebration”.

If you are a bride, a brides mother, a bridesmaid, a girlfriend in waiting, or anyone for that matter I seriously suggest this book! The book covers a broad range of topics that will really have you prepared for all things wedding. In fact, if you want to be sane and plan a wedding, reading this book can make you less of a psychopath bridezilla (event though we all know you would never act like that hehe). One of the quotes that had been a favorite is one that really hits home.

Meg says, “I will not remember what my wedding looked like; I will remember what it felt like.”

In an effort to console brides on the day of their wedding Meg Keene says that it is the big day you have been waiting for, it is time let go of all your worries. Enjoy the day because what will stand out in your mind the most is how magical it all felt. You have done all that you can do in the time leading to your wedding, some things may go wrong but its okay, remember what marriage is all about.

Meg tells us why she wrote the book to begin with, “unfortunately for me, when I was getting married most of the wedding books were totally insane.So I wrote a wedding book. A useful, sane, no-nonsense wedding book. One you can use as your bible for planning, give to your mom to calm her down, and give to your girlfriends when they get engaged. It walks you through finding a venue and figuring out your relationship with tradition. It shares real wedding budgets, important questions you should ask before you get hitched, and actual wedding history (and it separates true tradition from the tradition being sold to you). It’s a guide for how to actually plan the thing (with spreadsheets) and how to be in the moment the day of. It even addresses the hard stuff, and it discusses the rest of your lives (because that’s the whole point).”

Uh wow, beautifully said, Meg we love you!

Not to mention she  has dedicated a section of the book to how you can save money with wholesale flowers and some honest DIY. She points to the “do-it-together” idea, that is glorious.  Her step by step DIY wedding advice gives you instructions based on her plentiful DIY flower experiences. She even used Blooms By the Box flowers at a friends wedding, I would say that is pretty smart!

How to Enter to Win:

  1. Go to’s Facebook, like our page, then leave a short comment explaining why you want this book!
  2. Go to’s twitter, follow us and tweet:    I just entered to win a free copy of Meg Keene’s A Practical Wedding Book from @Bloomsbythebox! Find out how to enter here: *If you do not have a twitter you will still be able to win! (sharing with your friends gets you extra points!)

We will be naming a winner every week for the next 5 weeks! You will be chosen at random if you followed these two steps! To let you know that you won we will tell you in a reply on your facebook comment! We will give you our email so we can get your shipping information and send you your free copy of A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene!

Good Luck Everyone! Please spread the news!

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Yesterday I decided to take some pictures on my boss’s iPhone when I was at the Blooms warehouse (yes my boss’s, I have a blackberry, STILL ugh). There were so many beautiful things in the cooler (as usual) and I felt artsy and could not help myself. Might I add that the place was absolutely insane due to the volume of Valentine’s Day orders! Here are just some pictures so you can get an idea what the wholesale flowers look like in our cooler!



Hanging Amaranthus


Wax Flower

Please feel free to comment with questions!

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One of our very amazing DIY brides Stella Taylor was kind enough to contact me to let me know about her wonderful experience using Blooms wholesale flowers! I decided this would be the perfect post to show all you scaredy cats out there how it is done! She is a model bride in terms of DIY! Thanks to the Lovely photographer Doug Pettway we caught the moments for you to see!

Stella and her hubby,Terence, were married in February in Herndon, VA, at the beautiful St Joseph’s church. The reception was held in a quaint barn at Coomber Hall, a civil war era estate nearby which also functions as a music and dance school. It really was magical!

Stella told me that the day before the wedding, she asked a group of her visiting ladies to help create the flowers. (TAKE THIS AS A HINT – use those bridesmaids!)  They were a little shocked, but got the hang of it quickly! She says, “We made flowers for the altar, my bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets and two for the flower girls.  We filled mason jars and small vases with loose arrangements, hung cafe lights and set places with the
vintage/thrifted crockery we had collected.”

After the wedding, Stella and hubby didn’t want to throw away the gorgeous flowers, so the guests and the band took home the little vases and jars of flowers for themselves and their significant others. “I took my bouquet home and put it in water. I had it for a couple weeks!”

“The flowers however arrived a slightly dehydrated, but all perked up happily after being
watered. They held up really well, even the hydrangeas had only wilted a little
by the end of a very long day in no water. (that’s great considering hydrangeas consist of the word water =hydro! Clearly they are a thirsty flower!)
I Highly recommend blooms by the box!” – Stella

What you need to pull off this look:
Cream and Orange/Peach Roses
Blue Hydrangea
Wax Flower
Bells of Ireland
Seeded Eucalyptus
Star of Bethlehem

Using these flowers you are paying $200.00 for your wedding flowers! I am not exaggerating I added up the prices myself! I recently talked to a bride who got a quote from a professional florist for $6,000.00! Those two prices cannot even compare! That extra $5,800 could go toward a down payment on a house, your dream honey moon,  a couple extra guests at your wedding, a DJ, a photographer, pretty much anything! I would say doing your own wedding flowers at wholesale prices is a great way to budget in some other things you cannot compromise.

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