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So I was adding some awesome new freeze dried rose petal products to the site and decided to  merchandise them by color! I started making the color categories while thinking about just how hungry I was getting (as you can see it was only 11:28am)! Well this lead to a little bit of a Freudian slip! I actually wrote about my cravings and did not realize for a couple of minutes, yes this was live for 2 minutes!! I was trying to say “white” and I wrote “fried”! As soon as I noticed I took a screen shot then changed the slip up right away, Whoopsie!

Lesson learned! Eat breakfast!!!! But anyway we did get some awesome new freeze dried flower petals! Let me know what you think.



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Spring and summer are by far the seasons with the most weddings! For a very good reason…. there is no snow, you can have an outdoor wedding, and the colors you can use are ENDLESS! Many of you love the deeply saturated bright blooms that summer has to offer, probably not as much as I do though! I LOVE summer flowers……alot. Annnyyywayy,  your summer and spring weddings are around the corner and you need some inspirational stuff to get you going on the trendy wildflower theme! And once again this is a really easy trend to replicate, you literally tie a bow around some flowers and call it a day! You can just stick some pretty colored flowers in a vase, no foam, no wire, no worries.

Photography by Allison Reisz Photography featured on Style Me Pretty Wedding Blog

Photography by Dixie Pixel featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog

Photography by Ethan Yang Photography featured on Style Me Pretty Blog

These stylish looks are simple DIY projects. They are easy and save money so I decided to make it even more simple for brides to get this look. I created wildflower wedding packs that are picked out for you, with a customizable color selection tool that allows each bride to have their cake and eat it too. These wedding flower packs are designed to make 10 or more arrangements. They are perfect for the bride who has a big or small wedding and another bonus…..they are DISCOUNTED, all spring and summer. They were created with the spring and summer DIY budget bride in mind.

Wildflower Multi-Colored Pack (you pick the colors we give you enough for your wedding)

In this wildflower pack you pick your own colors of snapdragons, spray roses, pompon daisies and wax flower. This way you can make the pack colorful, two toned, or even all one color! You decide everything and you get about 130 stems per pack, enough for 10 (full) medium sized arrangements or more!

Purple Wildflower Wedding Pack

Pink and White Wildflower Pack
Yellow and White Wildflower Pack

Also available are white packs and intimate wedding packs. The white packs is for the traditional wedding white flowers with a touch of wildflower trendiness. The intimate wedding pack is made specially for those who only need about five arrangements for their small wedding.

Comments please and thank you! 🙂

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I was more than honored to be able to go to the World Flower Expo this year in New York City.  Many flower breeders impressed me with new variates of roses while others showed us coming trends in 2012. I also was introduced to Nevada Roses, a wholesaler who is quite unique in comparison to others there. They have perfected the science of dying flowers on a whole other level.  What they did amazed us, we took these photos right at the expo so we could share some flower industry fun! AND YES THEY ARE REAL!!!!

Nevada Roses

When we asked the representatives how this was even possible (by this time in the day they were probably so sick of people asking the same question!) they told us that they strategically split the stems of the roses and and put them in dye. The roses did most of the work on their own, separating the colors through the stems into the petals. It really is amazing how the roses are able to take and retain the bright colors in this way! This would be such a fun project to try one day!

4th of July Style!

Two toned yellow and red, blends to make some orange! Gorgeous!





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Redonkulous Ranunculus!

Redonkulous Ranunculus!

Posted By on Mar 9, 2012

I am sure you have heard about the trend setter ranunculus! It has become known for its delicate rose like features that fill any wedding arrangement with texture and elegance.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and is perfect for the DIY bride who is getting bulk flowers! This flower will make you look like a professional as its presence in arrangements is a key fixture for professionals in creating the popular perfectly imperfect shape that is now such a trend.

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