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Memorial day is a great time to use your creativity to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. It can provide inspiration for all year long too. Red, white, and blue can be a beautiful color scheme that is perfect for the all American wedding as well as weekend festivities and family gatherings.  It is bright and happy with a touch of fun!Read below to find out step by step how to recreate these looks.

This photo from Better Homes and Gardens is the perfect display of creativity using fresh wholesale flowers! The red centerpiece can be replicated using red carnations. All you need are two foam shaped wreaths and a flat round piece of foam, 30 red carnations, and floral scissors!You can use foam and spay painted foam to create the cake like shape. Push the carnations into the floral foam after you have soaked it in water. Cover all the foam with carnations until desired coverage is achieved. Use your fingers to open the carnations to their fullest, this technique will keep you from using more carnations than you need to.

Take advantage of the bright saturated colors carnations have to offer. For some more DIY fun you can spray tint carnations blue! This way you will have red, white, and blue carnations to either mix and match or use solid colors to decorate with!

There are a whole bunch of ways to incorporate this fun color scheme into a wedding without being too corny! Pair white with a blue and red bouquet to make a patriotic subtle touch to your wedding flowers.

photo credit:Utah Bride Blog

Anyone else have more examples of red white and blue wedding themes that are elegant? Please share in comments.

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Your wedding is completely built around a color scheme and that’s why its so important to look at a multitude of different color combinations. Know what you do want and what you don’t want!Picking colors can prove tedious but having a wide scope of ideas will give you a clear picture in the end. Here is an inspirational color trio for you to consider.

Peach, pink, and orange are a beautiful trio because they provide both soft and saturated colors that force the eye to focus on them for a longer time. Flowers in these colors naturally vary so the peaches and pinks will come in many shades that produce this beautiful look.

Peach wedding flowers

Photo Credit: Dave Robbins Photography on Style Me Pretty Blog

In order to get this peach and orange arrangement on your own you can use wholesale flowers that are close to pink, flat peaches, and orange. These flowers make a beautiful combination of peaches, pinks, and oranges that will reflect brightly. The flowers on the to row of the photo above are tulips, double stock, and garden roses. The flowers on the bottom row are peach and orange spray roses.

Another great thing is that these arrangements are relatively easy to make, even for the beginner. Because the vase is fairly small and not many flowers are needed to make a full arrangement you can easy fill the vase without foam or structural tools. The imperfection in the shape is part of the arrangements charm. Let’s face it, anyone can do the imperfect look.

If you want to add more pink into this color scheme try using pink spray roses, bright pink stock, and pink garden roses.


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As requested from our wonderful facebook followers, here is some do-it-yourself daisy inspiration. I think people underestimate the presence of daisies at a wedding. At least, I did, until I started seeing how absolutely beautiful these weddings are. The daisies give an air of elegance and sophistication that I could not really picture in my head. Well the daisy shocked me, and I hope it pleasantly surprises you too!

Yellow and White BouquetWhite and Yellow Boutonierre

Widlflower Wedding LookPhoto Credit: Lemon Lime Photography on Middle of the Map Weddings Blog

This is a classy look for the budget bride. Pair white daisies with yellow, white, and greens to replicate this color scheme. The mini white daisies are actually called monte casino asters, these baby mock daisies are perfect for creating texture in arrangements. There are also billy balls in this arrangement, they are the yellow balls, a very texturally rich floral accent. Using small mason jars and mix match bud vases is a simple quick DIY. Because you do not need to worry about arrangement shape and there are only a few stems per vase it is very easy. Also only needing a few stems per vase means you do not need to order as many bulk flowers as you would for larger, tall arrangements.

Daisy Wedding Centerpiece

Throw Daisies at WeddingPhoto Credit: Susan Bordelon on Heavenly Blooms Blog

You can even make your DIY daisies a solo act. Yes that is right, use them completely on their own. Add a bright touch using bright floral containers and lace. This teal and white theme is rather punchy and beautiful. Now you can tell why I am so surprised, when I pictured daisies I pictured a lot of plastic bedazzled crowns and Disney princess inspired bridesmaids dresses. Thank god that is not the case. These are beautiful and this inspiration is enough to make any wedding a successful DIY.



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We all know you are meticulously planning your color scheme and how each little detail will highlight your personality and taste. I also know there is SO much out there and so much that is drop dead gorgeous! It makes it really hard to pick out what king of floral arrangements will best fit your wedding. Well no fear, BloomsByTheBox is here! Here are some awesome pale pink and purple arrangements that could really make a wedding. You can switch the colors around but the pale colors really make a statement in the modern delicate looks so popular today.

Photo by Aaron Young on Ruffled Blog

Photo: Pinterest

Take it from here, these wedding flowers are very possible to DIY! All you need to do it practice a couple times to make yourself feel better and then do it yourself! I hope you enjoy this color scheme!

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