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Although we wish we could just throw flowers together and make it look amazing we know we need to do a little research before doing DIY wedding flowers. Our Flower 101 section guides you in floral care, design elements, and professional tips so that you can purchase wholesale flowers and end up with amazing DIY arrangements.


  1. TEXTURE: You can’t just stick random flowers all together and expect them to look perfect. Your best bet is to use multiples of 3, 5 ,and 7 of each type of flower in an arrangement. Using odd numbers makes a triangular pattern  that does not make an arrangement look too planned. You do not need to have each type of flower placed exactly the same distance from each other, but making sure each type of flower is on the front, back, and sides, is a great way to maintain consistency. This way you will have an even spread of flowers with a bit of consistency. Texture also refers to the shape of flowers, the fluffiness, the hardness, the shine, and dullnes. Keep in mind that it is good to mix a few textures but too many will make a cluttered and non-consistent texture! To learn how to pick DIY wedding flowers using text check out our TEXTURE post. The picture below nicely displays what we mean by textures.

  1. COLOR:  In the same way you would have consistency with different types of flowers you want to create a similar pattern with colors. Remember, to create a type of rhythm with the colors that instates a flow of color. Choose flower colors that compliment each other and create texture, it is just as important as being consistent in their pattern.

This color palette above is from, check them out for more inspiration that will get you making perfect color palettes. Using 3 main colors are great for designing a wedding flower design. Flowers are great because they provide extra texture using natural shading. More than 5 colors is usually too cluttered. Also remember that greenery does not count as a color in the palette, greenery is always a great addition and base to all arrangements!

  1. SHAPE. There are quite a lot of floral design shapes! Luckily the wildflower trend that is so popular today makes imperfect shapes popular. Imperfect shapes are much easier to make than very specific and technical arrangements. Remember that bouquets are much easier to make without using foam. The only time we suggest using foam for a bouquet is when you are designing a cascading bouquet and you have had at least one practice run! We recommend using floral foam for most centerpieces and arrangements! Check out the shapes below and see how to build them out of floral foam.

Remember there is plenty you can learn to get the most our of your DIY Wedding flowers. For more information download Blooms By The Box DIY Guide to Wedding Flowers!

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When you get wholesale flowers delivered to your home or business you need to take appropriate care of them the ensure a long vase life. A good rule of thumb for receiving wholesale flowers for an event is to get them 2 days before the event. This strategy is best because it gives the flowers time to rehydrate after they have been in transit and out of water for 2 days. Getting the flowers into their prime requires a little bit of work.

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It’s summer and wedding season is in full swing and Blooms wants to celebrate! We want to show our appreciation for our DIY brides while celebrating the launch of our new glass event vases! This means you guys get a double whammy, FREE VASES and FLOWERS! If you have a wedding any time after July 18th this giveaway is perfect for you! You will win the glass vases (18) you see in the graphic below as well as $200.00 worth of fresh cut flowers of your choice! How to win listed below!

How to Win:

1. Create a collage of DIY wedding flower inspiration that you will use if you win the flowers. It does not have to be more than 3-5 photos! If you create a collage on pinterest that is great! Label the board “BloomsByTheBox DIY Inspiration”. Send us a link to your pintrest to show us the board! The most heart felt or eye pleasing one will win! We will be post your collage on our facebook wall!

2. Like us on Facebook and get 3 friends to like our Facebook (SEND US AN EMAIL- diana[at] – WITH THEIR NAMES, this way we know you completed that part of the contest)

3. Wait for us to announce the winner! The last day to enter is Monday July 16th!

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Take a look at the very trendy floral look that Drew Barrymore sported at her wedding as featured by People Magazine! The oh so popular peony strikes again, remember they were also used when Jessica and Ashley Simpson were bridesmaids a few months back! Barrymore decided to use peonies in multiple shades of pink that really accentuate her bright lips. She is not only glowing because she is a beautiful bride but also because she is expecting….AND holding the world’s most popular wedding flower!

Want to get a look like this? All you need are multi-shade pink peonies and cream peonies or dahlia.  To get the same round shape secure the flowers with floral tape starting in the middle and work your way to the outside, take your time in making sure the shape is round. Remember if you are not happy wit the shape you can remove the floral tape and try it again.  This is a simple bouquet because all the flowers are the same shape and texture. There are no secondary flowers to add and space out correctly. Another perk is that the everyday bride on a budget can get this glamorous, celebrity look without the celebrity price tag. Just purchase bulk flowers at affordable prices from a wholesale wedding flower superstore like! This DIY look can be your very own with wholesale peonies!

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Doing your wedding flowers requires a couple smart decisions, one of them being VASES! Picking vases that are easy to work with, inexpensive, and classy has proven to be difficult in the past, but not anymore! No fear, Blooms by the Box is here!! Bulk glass vases for a couple bucks each, can seriously save money and get you the look you are going for! Is that the best news you have heard all week?

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