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Here is just another example of many for getting beautiful wedding flowers on a budget. These beauitful DIY centerpieces were submitted by one of our wonderful customers named Jennifer.  Her photographer was Roland Basdeo, of Keep It Black and White. What do you guys thinks of this simple, elegant, and affordable wedding look?

Wholesale Flowers from Blooms By The Box

There are many colors and options to get hydrangeas to fit your personal wedding color scheme. There are natural colors such as blue, white, antique or mini green hydrangeas. Or you Check out this vibrant spread of bulk spray-tinted hydrangeas you see below.

Bulk Colored Hydrangeas


Weather you planning a rustic, elegant, classy, or simple wedding design, there are plenty of options that will make it simple and affordable to make your own wedding centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. Stick with simple designs like the wedding shown above to get the most professional look with DIY.


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Premium wholesale flowers are the best way to make sure that you get cheap wedding flowers that are NOT cheap looking! You can have your cake and eat it too when you order premier quality wholesale flowers online that you can put together yourself!

Floral designers and flower specialists get their flowers from our warehouse because our quality of flowers are top of the line professional grade flowers. Cheap wedding flowers do not have to be  low quality when you purchase flowers from experienced online wholesaler. Blooms by the box follows flowers around the world every single season to get you the highest quality flower available in each season. You are not compromising the quality of flowers by ordering bulk flowers, you will get the same amazing quality flowers that you would with a florist, the only difference is that you are putting the arrangements together yourself. You are essentially saving money on the labor of the florist, so grab a couple friends the day before the wedding and do your centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres so you do not have to settle with silk flowers. With all the DIY posts and tutorials available on this blog and other blogs today, you will have no problem seeing how easy it is to make simple designs that look sophisticated.

Here are just some of the high quality arrangements Blooms By The Box customers made with our “cheap” wedding flowers online that do not look cheap! Our DIY brides seem to do a great job with our advice and help.

These simple designs made with high quality wholesale flowers should encourage you to think about DIY Wedding flowers as an option for saving money at your wedding. Although these wedding flowers do not look cheap they are very inexpensive! What a great way to get the visual results without the dent in the wallet.

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The rustic wedding look is not hard to achieve. Here are a couple guidelines to follow so that you can recreate rustic DIY Wedding Flower looks!

1. Use Burlap. Burlap screams rustic, it is reminiscent of the outdoors and adds a perfect neutral background that make the bright wildflowers really pop. Burlap is rustic and sweet in all wedding details. Use burlap string around the boutonnieres and bouquets to tie the theme in with the rest of the wedding.

2. Use a combination of vases such as mason jars, bud vases, and wooden vases. Different sizes and shapes create a vintage texture. Rustic wedding looks really focus on the beauty of nature. This means focusing different sizes and texture that make your look seem just as unpredictable as nature.

 3. Always include Daisies or monte casino asters (the mini spray daisies)! They really do make the wildflower look. The little yellow center and soft petals can be found gracing beautiful natural fields. This specific flower triggers a wild naturalistic memory for anyone who has experienced nature at its finest.

4. Use lots of fillers and greens, Solidago and Queen Anne’s Lace especially. Fillers and greens are very important because they help you stay in budget and contribute the the rustic and natural theme.

5. Mix roses in with wildflowers! They formalize the wildflowers for a wedding and also soften the look. Peaches, pinks, yellow, and white roses are the most rustic looking.

Click on each picture to see more wildflower inspiration!

Check out these new wildflower packs!

Blooms Rustic Romance Wildflower Pack! Purple and Blue Rustic Bulk wildflowers!

Blooms Woodsy Giddy in Green Wildflower Pack!

Blooms Pretty in Pink Wildflower Pack

Blooms Vintage White Wedding Wildflower Pack


Which flower pack is your favorite? They are best sellers!

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Some flowers have hollow stems or are not as sturdy as we would like them to be. In order to give them the stamina to hold up in a bouquet these flowers should be wired.  Some flowers have a heavy head and need a strong stem, some have hollow stems that curl that need to be straight, some just need support, and some need a longer stem. Wiring flowers is a simple process that will makes a big difference.

Some flowers that need to be wired in bouquets:
1. Lisianthus (ex: flower in this post)
2. Ranunculus: They have hollow stems and tend to bend over
3. Orchids: Orchids are removed from a stem with many blooms, they have an extremely short stem and need to be lengthened.

You will need: A flower that needs to be wired, 1 strand floral wire, and floral tape.

Put the wire horizontally through the top of the flower stem

Pull the wire through so there is equal wire on each side of the flower. Fold the wire down the sides of the stem.

Wrap floral tape around the very top of the stem and continue all the way to the bottom.

Continue wrapping the sticky floral tape all the way down to the bottom. Once you get to the bottom rip the floral tape and tightly wrap the end until it is fully flush to the stem.

If you are doing all your wedding flowers we highly suggest that you only use flowers that need to be wired in moderation as you do not want to take up too much time wiring flowers. You can always go without wiring the flowers to create a more wildflower look!

To get the supplies and flowers talked about in this post see these online wholesale flowers!

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So many DIY brides ordering bulk wedding flowers need to have hydrangeas in their wedding. We swear by hydrangeas and their beauty, but only if they are properly hydrated! These beautifies are a bit of a diva. Hydrangeas need a little extra care, but how do we ensure that they will last in wedding arrangements? Here are some tips that will help you keep your hydrangeas perfect for your wedding or event arrangements!

1. Use Floral Food. A little floral food goes a long way. I mean a little not a lot. Too much floral food can damage the flower, just mix in some floral food with the water for an extra boost of floral vase life.

2. Floralife- Hydraflor. This is a solution that is especially good for flowers after they have been in dry transit. Hydraflor pretreatment helps to prevent bent neck, wilting and stem plugging, which all need to prevented with hydrangea use.

3. Floralife Quick Dip. This secret solution is the key hydrangea prep. This hydration pretreatment is specifically useful when using floral foam. Floralife Quick dip seals hydration in and makes drastically makes the vase life of the flowers longer!

These three tips will help you get the most out of your wedding or event flowers. Hydrangeas are most popular because the blooms are so large that you do not need to many flowers in order to make a statement centerpiece!



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