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After the extremely long hype leading to the Jessica Biel and Justin Timeberlake wedding, we finally get some photos! Some aspects really live up to all the hype, like the glamorous week long vacation for guests in the most romantic place in the world, Italy. Or, the beautiful flowers that could be perfect inspiration for your bridal bouquet and centerpieces. On the other hand, some aspects of the wedding just don’t measure up to the 6 million dollar wedding price tag. Some may disagree but lets break down the wedding photos featured in People Magazine!

Number one. Tell me if you think I am wrong but I don’t like the dress, at all. In fact, to me it looks like an 80’s prom dress. Just saying! I think we were all expecting Jessica Biel to at least show off her amazing figure! It is not so much the color or the pattern but the shape of the dress in addition to the nontraditional and outdated pattern. I get it, she wanted to look youthful, fun, and like a princess, but I think all of those things could have been done in a MUCH more flattering way. From the side Jessica looks like she is hiding a baby bump, why would she risk even starting that rumor with such a fluffy dress! That may be the only thing that bothered me about this wedding so now lets get to all the good stuff!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Wedding Bouquet

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

THE FLOWERS: AMAZING STUFF. Not to toot to my own horn BUT all year I have been talking about the amazing wildflower trend that has graced blogs, magazines, and trending sites. Apparently Jessica Biel saw all that too because most of the flowers have a very wildflower theme! The article in People Magazine mentions that most of the flowers are locally grown flowers. The wedding flowers are a combination of hydrangeas, ranunculus, israeli ruscus, camomile flowers, and wildflowers.

Jessica Biel Wedding Bouquet and Dress! People Mag.

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

The bouquet can be created on a budget with a very similar look using monte casino asters, israeli ruscus, lisianthus, and a combination of wildflower accents! Even the flower centerpieces are made with a bunch of wildflower inspired, blue, tinted, bud vases.  The wildflower look continues to grace the tables. This is a perfect project for a bride on budget (and surprising but totally cool to see at a 6 million dollar wedding, if I might add). Grab some inexpensive glass bud vases, a wildflower pack, and simply place flowers in each vase. The more imperfect the better since you are going for that look anyway!

Jessica Biel and Timberlake Wedding Flowers

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

Another aspect I absolutely LOVE at this wedding is the beautiful rounded wedding flower accents adorned on all the candle holders. They are simple, not overdone (again shockingly modest for the budget), and really romantic. They are put together with local flowers, white mums and greenery. Again, all achievable looks for the DIY brides who order wholesale flowers and plan on making their own arrangements! I mean look how happy JT is about that romantic spot with candles and flowers haha!! What do you think?

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

Timberlake and Biel Wedding Ceremony

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

Please share your thoughts about this Celebrity wedding! Do you think this price tag went far? Do you think most of the money was spent on the week leading up to the wedding? Do you like Jessica Biel’s pink wedding dress? Would you model your wedding flowers after theirs? PLEASE SHARE!

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This romantic Virginia wedding is a cross between traditional and vintage perfection! Kim Newton Weddings created the most beautiful atmosphere using decor, burlap, bud vases, and wholesale flowers from! She said, “The venue and day were so amazing, we felt like we were in Italy, most definitely not Virginia!” The venue, River Farm, is located in Alexandria Virginia and sports a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor loveliness. The photographer, Kristen Leigh, captured the coral, pinks, creams, and peaches in a whimsical light that gives an Italian feel.  Kristen Leigh Photography did such an incredible job, check out her awesome and edgy website!

Hello absolutely GORGEOUS mantle display!!!! Using clear glass bud vases in different shapes and sizes Kim Newton and her team designed this gorgeous floral accent display. The coral, pink, peach, and cream provide color and interest to this beautiful white mantle. The flowers used at the wedding include pink garden roses, coral rose wow, peach spray roses, peach hypericum, peach lisianthus, cream vendela roses, and pittosporum.

The bride saved a whole lot of money by purchasing flowers from and assigning the floral arranging to Kim Newton and her team, who did a wonderful job! Cutting out the florist was a good choice for this bride and budget! Here is a little more about our amazing friends at Kim Newton Weddings!

“Kim Newton Weddings was started a year and a half ago in Northern Virginia.  I like to think of Kim Newton Weddings as a whimsical wedding company that prides itself in listening closely to each couples ideas and strives to make each one become a reality. I love knowing that each wedding is personalized and incorporates different ideas and elements desired by each couple, which drives my passion for creativity and design.  At the end of the day, watching families and couples enjoying themselves and hearing how wonderful an event is or was, is what really makes me glow. Any season is a great time to plan a wedding and fall is no different.  The colors pallets are endless, from the deep reds and bright oranges, a fall wedding can be quite beautiful.  Design options are endless and of course the weather is always a big concern for couples.  Fortunately fall is perfect for either an indoor event with the fall foliage as a beautiful back ground or an outdoor reception underneath the clear crisp starry sky.  ”

Visit the Kim Newton Weddings website to find out more!

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Fall is a great season for bright and punchy flower colors. Shades of orange, red, yellow, brown, and purple can make the most fun wedding or event designs. The problem is that sometimes when using the Halloween theme for event centerpieces the result is a gaudy mess. Little plastic spiders, stickers, spider webs, and candy can make for fun designs for a child’s birthday but should stay home for the adult events!  Adding natural touches(leaves and pumpkins) and sophisticated flowers to designs will designate your arrangements as elegant Halloween arrangements. (I never thought I would use Halloween and Elegant next to each other! But there is proof below!) Find out the ingredients in each of these wedding designs so that you can make your flower arrangements.

The Halloween decor above is put together using spray tinted purple hydrangeas, stained fall leaves, orange fall leaves, mini pumpkins, fiddlehead fern, and orange rose miracle!

This Halloween wedding bouquet has so much SASS! The red tinted orange roses mixed with black and white printed feathers make such an edgy look! This is a perfect way to balance between corky, sassy, and classy for a fall wedding around Halloween!

This arrangement sports deep brown spray painted branches with lush orange, red, yellow, and green flowers. Here is a money saving tip, go into your backyard and trim some branches off your trees and spray paint them deep brown! Why would you purchase thick branches when you can get them in your yard? (Disclaimer: I said YOUR yard, not your neighbor’s yard! You never know what will tick them off haha!). The bottom of the arrangement is made of black baccara roses, circus roses, red gerbera daisies, mini green hydrangeas, and greenery. The hanging votive candles, and sprayed branches make a finished spooky look that is not overdone or gaudy, AT ALL. (Photography above by: Cary Pennington Photography)


When making arrangements with the Halloween theme do not ONLY use orange and black. This will make for a very gaudy and predictable look.  Instead, add some class to the design by introducing other natural fall colors such as red, yellow, green, brown, and plum. Adding one or more of these colors will create interest and class in the design.


When picking your Halloween themed container keep Gothic elegance and vintage designs in mind. This will steer you away from picking a plastic pumpkin vase that only has one tooth in his carved face. Instead, pick architectural and vintage looking black pieces. Candelabras are great for the budget bride, you need less flowers when you add flowers to the small platforms that are made to be holding candles. This candelabra is 14.99 at Target!  The other two are great options you can find while surfing the internet for “black vases”




SKIP STICKERS, PLASTIC SPIDERS, and CANDY to make an elegant Halloween look! What are your suggestions for making tasteful Halloween themed fall designs?



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Lately trendy fillers and greens used in wedding arrangements, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and corsages have been extremely textured interesting. The interest in highly texture peices creates a one of a kind romantic, rustic, and modern look.  Check out these modern, trendy wedding flowers!


Scabiosa pods have become especially popular starting in the beginning of 2012 and have continued to make a large impact on wedding industry flowers. The pods add so much interest to bouquets and centerpieces! They also lend themselves to the trendy rustic wedding scheme. As you can see in this picture they exude natural and compliment a mix of different flowers. Try using scabiosa in your bouquet, they are easy to work with and are affordable,trendy filler flowers!

Brunia Silver

Brunia Silver is a beautiful filler that can be used to dress up a gray or pale color scheme. It almost looks like cloth berries! This very unique plant adds trendy and edgy interest to any floral design. Most of the times it is very difficult to fin flowers that fill the gray color in a color scheme as grey flowers are not easily found.

Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus is undoubtedly one of the most popular greens this past summer! It is perfect of the newly popular imperfect bouquet trend. This trendy greenery will add texture, perfect leaves, and foliage to arrangements. It is available all seasons and will match well with just about any flower combination. This is especially perfect for the romantic vintage style wedding.

Let us know which flowers are edgy in your point of view! Please share! Thank you and enjoy!

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These beautiful photos by New York photographer, Rachel Leib,  feature DIY wedding flowers from a gorgeous, bright outdoor wedding. The yellow and purple DIY flowers were put together using Blooms by the Box  fresh wholesale flowers! This post is living proof that DIY Wedding flowers are doable, affordable, and picture worthy. Check out this DIY yellow and purple bouquet inspiration to get ideas for your do it yourself wedding flowers.

The flowers used in these bouquets include goldstrike roses, cool water roses, yellow pompon buttons, purple lisianthus, purple status, yellow billy balls, yellow solidago, israeli ruscus, and yellow spray roses.

Most of the flowers were put together the night before the wedding but the bride’s bouquet along with all the boutonnieres and corsages where made the day of. They lasted beautifully and even the throw away bouquet made it through a vicious fight to be caught.  Please feel free to ask any questions!

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