Posts made in November, 2012 is excited to announce that we are now offering wholesale flower packs designed around current trends. The packs are made in colors to fit wedding schemes and themes! They offer designer wedding flower looks at a more affordable price. The packages were created to make well rounded and professionally textured designs.

We know it can be hard to look at the wonderful weddings on blogs when you feel your budget could never make those picture a reality for your wedding. But now, even on a budget you can have trendy wedding, wedding shower, baby shower, or event flowers just like the ones you see on the most popular blogs and editorial magazines out there. Making dreams a  reality is such a huge part of DIY and these wholesale flower event packages are here to help!

The Whimsical Peach and Pink Wedding Flower Pack

Lately whimsical wedding flowers with pales hues and soft textures have proven to be at the top of the trends. No matter if you are planning a spring, summer, or fall event this flower package will bring the light and fluffy look of a whimsical wonderland to your table-scapes.

Peach and Pink Wholesale Wedding Flowers

This wedding flower pack includes a range of flowers that will create 12-15 arrangement for just above $600! That’s right the most expensive and trendy flowers for way less than you thought possible. This pack includes beautiful Pink Ohara Garden Roses, pink and peach Spray Roses, white Mini Calla Lilies, pink Stock, white Large Hydrangeas, peach Hypericum, vintage Green Huck, and seeded eucalyptus.

Orange and Pink DIY Wedding Flower Pack

Another trend has been the bright and punchy saturated colors that produce amazing wedding photos. Saturated  colors relay celebration and a sense of light hearted-ness. Order this pack for a wedding, wedding shower, sweet sixteen, organization event, or even anniversary party.

Orange and Pink Wholesale flower event pack

This pack features orange rose miracle, pink spray roses, hot pink rose cezzanne, orange freesia, orange snapdragons, white eskimo roses, bells of ireland, pittosporum, and ti leaves. This balanced package is designed to make sure there are shades of oranges, pinks, and white, that balance the look with a professional touch.

Punchy Purple DIY Wedding Flower Pack

Purple flowers paired with earthy florals and greens are perfect for any event in any season. They have become a staple in florist designs and are a favorite of brides.

Wholesale Wedding Flower Pack

This pack includes Rose Cool Water (lavender rose) , Large White Hydrangeas, lavender Spray Roses, Liatris, purple Stock, green Pompon Buttons, purple Monte Casino Asters, Aspidistra, and Huck. The naturally compliments of green in this wedding flower pack are perfect broken up by shades of purple and white.  This pack is perfect of making bouquets, centerpieces, wedding ceremony decor and much more. This combo pack is preferable in the spring and summer months. Order this pack of flowers for a purple wedding color scheme.

Cheery and Bright Yellow DIY Wedding Flower Pack

Yellow is the perfect color for event arrangements. Yellow is saturated and fills a room with so much color. This pack is perfect for any season and will have your guests impressed with the beautiful assortment of flowers and textures.

Yellow Wholesale Wedding Flower Pack

This beautiful bright and cherry pack would be perfect for a baby shower, especially if the sex of the baby has not yet been told. This pack also sports to most expensive and popular flowers for event designs but it will save so much money for you!

Let us know what you plan on doing with any of the DIY Wedding and Event Flower Packs above. Many of you are creative and trendy and we would love to hear ideas. Thank you for stopping in today! Have a wonderful day!



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Thanksgiving is a week away and we are all excited to stuff our faces and enjoy family time over some turkey! Many of you are planning all your decor out strategically and will need flowers to complete your thanksgiving look! In lieu of the giving season is giving away FREE FLORAL SCISSORS to anyone who orders flowers in November! Just add the FREE floral scissor to your cart when you order and BAM, they are yours at no cost! If you are going to make arrangements you really need to have floral scissors. Regular kitchen scissor have dulled edges that crush and fray flower stems, which means your flowers won’t last long! Floral scissors have special ridges on all sides of the blade that ensure a sharp and perfect cut that will elongate the vase life of your flowers and help them draw up water properly.

Check out some of our most popular fall flowers and some great ideas for putting together fall flower arrangements! In the previous post we teach you step by step how to create thanksgiving arrangements! We show how to make pumpkin vases, floral thanksgiving wreaths and floral head bands that double as table accents! If you have any other DIY ideas we would love to see! There are so many fun ways to make DIY home decor with seasonal flowers!

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get creative and make your home a warm, cheery place that is inviting to all who enter. Thanksgiving is the opener to the holiday season, time to put work  into getting family and friends feeling that exciting feeling that is associated with fall leaves, pumpkin coffee, and family time. One of the best ways to create a warm environment is to bring natural elements filled with aroma indoors. Decorating tables, entrances, doors, serving tables, and kitchens with  flowers in oranges, yellows, reds, browns, and purples is a perfect way to bring the holidays indoors. Check out the fun fall ideas below and step by step descriptions on how to make these looks when you order wholesale flowers!

Floral Wreaths

Read this step by step, how to create a fall Thanksgiving wreath with fresh flowers: Find the full shoot by Julie Mulligan on her Floral Lifestlye blog!

1. Purchase floral foam in wreath shape in your desired size

2.Soak the floral foam in water and floral preservative. Just let the foam sink into the water without pushing it under. After a few minutes the floral foam will be completely saturated. You can be sure it is ready for use when there are no more air bubbles coming from the foam. Remove the foam from the water and start to create wreath. (picture of steps)

4. Add your focal flowers, such as sunflowers or roses, in an odd number around the wreath. You can do this by cutting the stems short and inserting them into foam, to make sure the flowers stay you can use waterproof floral adhesive that does not harm the live flowers.

5. Fill in the spaces with smaller fall flowers, pine cones, hypericum berries, broom corn, fall leaves, and small pumpkins. If you plan on using items like pines cones or pumpkins that do not have stems, use a tooth pick to create a stem and glue them into the floral foam.

6. Once you have filled in all the spaces you are ready to add ribbon, bows, and final touches so you can hang it on your door, a perfect entrance piece for guests.

Floral Head Bands

Photo from Design Sponge Post

1. First measure your head using floral wire. Create a round shape and construct a tight circle at one end and hook on the other of the wire. This creates a hook that will hold together the head band. Or you can make loops with the end of both sides of the wire and attach ribbon to create a tie at the back of the floral head band.

2. Start by adding ivy or long greenery. Wrap the greenery around the head band and attach it with floral wire.

3. Make 5-8 small clusters of fall flowers held together with floral wire or floral tape and then attach the clusters to the headband periodically.  Cover the mechanics with some more greenery.

4. Make sure all the wiring and floral tape is covered with greens and flowers. Use the Thanksgiving head bands for family photos that double as table wreaths for dinner!

Gourd Vases:

Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

1. Using pumpkins and gourds as vases is a creative way to be festive and bring the outdoors indoors for the holidays!! First choose gourds that will compliment the flowers and colors you choose! Then cut the top off the gourds and hollow them out!

2. Make sure to really scrape the inside of the gourds out with a spoon.

3. Make sure to use a lining inside the gourds. (home product like saran wrap will work) It is not good to put flowers in the gourd without lining as it will shorten the vase life of the flowers because the inside of the gourd will start to decay and block flower stems with bacteria.

4. Arrange the flowers in the gourd and use them as Thanksgiving table centerpieces!

PLEASE leave us comments of your ideas for fall floral centerpieces! We would love to hear about new and innovative ways to bring flowers to your holiday traditions!

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