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Inquiries for brides  of spring and summer 2013 have been rolling in! Couples have chosen colors, venues, food, and wedding schemes for their Do-It-Yourself Weddings. Now, it’s time to get the flowers to match the look. The most popular item so far is the Rustic Romantic Wildflower Pack. This is a styled flower package  designed to create 8-10 medium/large arrangements.  This pack makes beautiful bouquets, rustic centerpieces, and is extremely easy to work with.

Wholesale Flowers - DIY Wedding

Many people say the the rustic trend is gone, but we are not so sure. We think that the elements and ideas surrounding the nostalgic simplicity will be popular another couple years. It will transform to more calm and cool colors such as these blues and lavenders.

This is a bouquet made from wholesale flowers in this pack. There are is also a video to go along with this photo that will help you make this very bouquet if you decide to purchase this pack. You can find the video on our Youtube channel or on Video Workshop.

You can also make beautiful DIY mason jar centerpieces or use miscellaneous bud vases to create a rustic, natural look.

Rustic wedding flowers are perfect for the DIY wedding because they are simple to put together, include hardy flowers, and usually create a distinct styled look. Some great places to get vases include: There are many different sellers with different styles and sizes that will make it affordable to find the vases you want on a budget.

4 Blue Mason Jars, bulk discount on antique Ball quarts, wedding decor for vases or votives Vintage inspired dresses, jewelry, and decor for weddings that are affordable and super trendy.

Ruffled Blog: Brides sell vases after their wedding so you can get the products for less. Recycle your wedding  vases when you are done to make money back and save another bride some money!

Recycling wedding decor and using wholesale flowers can save you money and keep your wedding trendy. Anyone else know of any other great budget friendly sites to help each other get the best deals and looks?

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The romantic, classic garden wedding trend projected to be most popular this year will be filled with large fluffy textures, antique colored greens, and whimsical pale and bright tones. This tutorial is meant to help brides get the trendy looks they love, but on budget.

DIY Ranunculus Centerpiece

The keys to the classical garden look are the vase, greens, colors, and textures. The vases should be a vintage or milk glass textured vase, all shapes and sizes will work. The greens look like they have come straight out of your garden and are lush and frame all the floral work. The flower colors should be antiques and pale colors mixed with bright pops of whimsical colors. The textures of greenery should be weedy and garden like while the flowers should be fluffy with fillers that add the harder textures. These floral designs can be expensive when a florist is hired but can be rather affordable when you create these floral designs on your own.

There are no peonies in this centerpiece! Isn’t that shocking!?! That peony looking flower in this arrangement is a garden rose! It is called romantic antique and have a similar bulbous rounded shape and fluffy petals. Ladies, if your wedding is at a time when peonies are not available you can go with Romantic Antique Garden Roses!

What you need:

1. Vases:  We purchased this milk vase from Etsy is a great resource for budget brides looking for accessories, decor, or vases.

2. Wholesale Flowers: Order flowers online from Get garden roses, pink and white ranunculus, peach versilla roses, peach and green hypericum, seeded eucalyptus, and italian ruscus.

3. Floral Foam: Oasis floral foam blocks will keep the arrangement together, help you make a consistent shape, and hydrate the flowers in the arrangement.

4. Floral Sheers: purchase special scissor only for flowers, the sharp ridges will ensure that the stems are not crushed. When using everyday, kitchen scissors you will damage the stems.

Watch this Video for Step by Step Instruction for Making this Centerpiece:

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Brides, even if you are not on a tight budget you may want to spend your money on additional guests or a honeymoon rather than wedding shower flowers. If that is the case, this is the perfect project for your wedding shower! Learn how to use bright colors, textures, dollar store vases, and flowers to make fun, simple, inexpensive DIY arrangements, perfect for any wedding or wedding shower. This is a versatile look that can be changed to match any color scheme or flower choice! In this post we used bright pink peonies, light pink stock, and purple larkspur.

Your wedding shower is a great time to use bright girly colors that your hubby to be may not be on board with for the wedding. It’s also the perfect wedding event to use wholesale flowers to cut costs. You may not need to cut costs on your wedding flowers, but could bear to DIY your wedding shower flowers (it’s even a great project for bridesmaids). Doing your own wedding shower centerpieces is very simple and not very time consuming. To make things even more simple, only use one type of flower per vase. Remember – simple designs are the best way to pull off professional looking DIY arrangements! Check out this DIY Flower inspiration for a fun bridal shower look.

DIY Flowers for Bridal Shower

Do- It-Yourself Bridal Shower Flowers

Budget Bridal Shower

Color and Arrangement:

The great part of using one type of flower in each vase is that you can place them in many sundry clusters that will contribute to the texture of your tablescape. These photos exhibit a couple different approaches to situating the arrangements together to make different color clusters and shapes along the center of the table.  Don’t over rely on symmetry, that’s when DIY becomes too uniform and overworked. Making random shapes and filling the room with color should be the main priority.

Details that add to the color palette:

Concentration to small details can really make your DIY centerpieces stand out. The green ribbon compliments the natural colors in the stems while adding some extra spunk to each vase. The purple ribbon is an effort to accentuate the larkspur; since the pink plates draw attention to the peonies, the ribbon brings attention to the purple in the larkspur. The pale pink double stock acts as a secondary color that brings interest to the bright pink peony. These bright and girly colors are the perfect wedding shower flowers!

Stock and Larkspur

Wedding Shower Peonies

Inexpensive Vases:  All of the vases in this post were purchased at a dollar store! This makes your DIY Wedding Shower centerpieces even more economic! In addition, using an array of different size and shape vases is a great way to create texture and interest. It allows you to spread color and texture across an entire table.  Flowers add so much dimension to a room so try to spread things out to make a high impact with less budget.

DIY wedding flowers can be a way to cut the costs, be creative, and gain bragging rights at your wedding shower. Many people are intimidated by DIY but the truth is bulk flowers are the best way to save and get the look you want at your wedding or wedding events. Not every bride has a $40,000 budget, in fact, most brides don’t. Once you try putting together your own shower flowers you are going to want to make your wedding ceremony flowers too. Bouquets are fun and easy to make! There is plenty advice and DIY flower help out there to get you making your own arrangements!

Wholesale Flower Centerpieces

Save money and add your own personal creativity by making your own flower arrangements. Lots of people have weddings, make yours truly unique! For more inspiration and DIY advice, visit today. Any ideas for flower schemes? DIY flower stories to share? Please comment!

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One of the most popular current bridal trends is the elegant, yet down-to-earth “rustic” themed wedding. The desired fresh vintage feel was recently embodied in this Vermont Barn wedding, photographed by Stylish & Hip Wedding Photography.

Rustic DIY Wedding Bouquet

Rustic Barn Wedding

The two brides chose the Webster Barn in Morrisville, Vermont as their venue which provided plenty of room for guests, fresh air, and gorgeous scenery.  A Wildflower Pack from gave our girls the perfect inspiration to complete their vision. To complete the package, they chose to add billy balls, blue cornflower, green spider mums and pompon buttons. The bridal bouquets were made with the same types of flowers, but each was unique. As a LGBT friendly vendor (a same sex right advocate!), provides excellent service to all of its customers to aid in flower selection, flower care and DIY arrangements.

Do It Yourseld Wildflower Bouquet

Billy Ball Boutonniere

Barn wedding centerpeice ideas

Daisies, snapdragon, and pod wildflower centerpiece

Wildflowers in a Watering Can at DIY Wedding

Wooden vintage Wedding Signs

Fire Sparkler Hearts

These Do-It Yourself arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres added a very personal touch to a lovely wedding. With no buyer restrictions, you can buy wholesale flowers in bulk online at and save money! Looking for more wedding inspiration? Visit today!



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Choosing what kind of fundraiser to do for your organization can be tricky. You want to pick a fundraiser with a high profit margin, does not require too much out of pocket expense, and will be easy to sell. Well, we have the perfect solution. Sell flowers during Valentine’s Day! It is incomparably convenient to order roses or carnations, bunch them together in pairs with some greenery and sell mini bouquets for the best results. You can make anywhere from $6-$15 on each mini bouquet you sell! Or you can even sell roses by the stem!

The fact is, people hate spending $100.00 on a dozen roses but still want to bring something home for their loved one. Offering a small 3-6 rose bouquet with filler and greenery is a perfect way to help people spend less while helping you make more.

If you don’t want to fuss with the flowers you can get prepared rose or carnations bouquets. All you need to do is get the flowers out of the box, cut the stems, put them in water, and sell them!

This type of fundraiser is especially good for college organizations such as sororities, fraternities, and student organizations. Selling mini bouquets in high traffic areas such as student centers, bus stops, and classrooms will yield a high profit. The convenience and low price will make it an easy purchase choice for students passing by.

What about a church fundraiser! This is a great chance to raise funds and provide low cost flowers yo a congregation. Sell them at weekly meetings or a church service to get the best results.


Like we said earlier, it can be difficult to raise funds for a cause or organization but when you are supplying flowers, an affordable price,  and convenience on a day like Valentine’s Day people are extremely likely to buy. To find out more about fundraising flowers check out our availability and wholesale flower pricing.

Flower Packages:

 Anyone else have more idea about where to sell roses and carnations to make a profit?

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