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Shades of Blush

Posted By on Feb 16, 2017


Every year brides plan beautiful blush weddings, but a common issue we come across when helping pick out flowers is that everyone’s interpretation of blush can be very different. While all shades of blush are beautiful, they can range from nude, peach, pink or mauve tones, it can get a little confusing. We’ve put together a few examples to help pick out your perfect shade of blush and find flowers that match your blush wedding!

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Fresh Flower Vibes for 2017


Think Granny Smith apples… the heart of a lime… a bed of clover… and inchworms! This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is a beauty called “Greenery” – and we are loving what that means for Blooms brides in 2017!

Out with the dusty, soft greens of recent years, and in with fresh, vibrant, and zesty! This earthy bright green color is said to be “symbolic of the new beginnings” – could there be a better vibe for wedding flowers? Greenery’s pure green-yellow tones bring a rich depth to any floral design. Create bridal bouquets with an edge of naturalistic and urban flair. Lush foliage and eye-catching green flowers complement so many different wedding styles, from classic elegant romance to high-spirited and festive!

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DIY Pantone Green Lambs Ear Wreath
DIY Lambs Ear Wreath How-To Video from Flower Designer Eddie Zaratsian & Blooms By The Box

As the holidays are coming to an end it is time to pack up the Christmas decor! This Wreath by Eddie Zaratsian is a perfect accent for your door as we move into 2017!  This Lambs-Ear wreath is a beautiful green wreath that beautifully matches Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, Greenery. Complete with Lambs Ear, Scabiosa Pods and Coffee Bean Berries this wreath is beautiful!  Keep reading to see how Eddie Zaratsian used Blooms by the Box Blooms to create this beautiful Wreath.

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Pantone is a leader in the industry when it comes to Color. Every fashion season Pantone shares their color palette of what is trending. Since we just entered Fall and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in full swing it is perfect timing to share this year’s Fall Fashion Report in florals.

Here at Blooms by the Box we love finding the newest trends in flowers. We have taken look at our library of blooms and have found 6 florals that beautifully match the Fall Fashion Color Report.

Take a look below and see which of your wedding flowers match this season’s colors.

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The “Sorbet” Look: Modern and Fun Wedding Flowers

“Sorbet” wedding flowers and bouquets are sweet, sassy, young and fresh.  A combination of rich pastels and bright hues, this look stars a radiant punch of lemon and buttercup yellows with a pop of deep coral against a backdrop of blues, spearmint, lavender, and a rich dove gray.  Bridal bouquets and flower arrangements feature florals and accessories with geometric modern shapes and graphic patterns, with the feel of an updated “mod” 1950’s and 1960’s vibe.

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Make Your Wedding Flower Colors Truly Yours

So who needs help deciding on their wedding flower colors? We have become pros of the flower + people + wedding combo! With years of experience helping couples make their dreams come true {on a budget} we have acquired some knowledge that might be helpful and fun for your planning process!

Picking wedding flower colors is one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning for most of our couples. When you haven’t seen the flowers in person and much of planning depends on your imagination, having some guidance is SUPER helpful (if this sounds like you, please call us, email us, chat us, we want to help!)

Check out some of our favorite personality-flower color matches! Which one best fits you?

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