Pantone Living Coral Bouquet

This full beautiful DIY Pantone living coral bouquet is an eye-catching array of vibrant coral and peachy florals mixed with greens. Blooms By The Box Pantone Living Coral bouquet is inspired by the 2019 Pantone color of the year- CORAL. It is filled with Amsterdamn roses, coral reef roses, fancy peach carnations, orange snapdragons, hypericum peach, trachelium white, and pittosporum variegated. The variety of flowers and greens add texture and depth giving a bold first impression.

It’s a bouquet filled with romantic rustic bliss!


Watch the step-by-step DIY video on how to make this gorgeous bouquet!


What You’ll Need

Amsterdamn roses
rose coral reef
carnation peach fancy
orange snapdragons
hypericum peach
pittosporum variegated
trachellium white

Once you have put together your bouquet complete it by wrapping the stems with your favorite ribbon. Pick your favorite ribbon and start wrapping the stems under the blooms downward tightly overlapping the ribbon slightly to not expose any part of the stems. Once you are at the bottom of the stems, wrap the ribbon back upward to the top. (note: wrapping it twice gives a smooth sturdy appearance.) Secure the ribbon at the top with corsage pins. Line the bouquet with 5-8 corsage pins for decoration and to secure the ribbon.

This bouquet is perfect for a bride! For your bridesmaids make a scaled down version. A budget-friendly bridesmaids bouquet would be to use different varieties of flowers from those carried from the bride. Remember the bride’s bouquet should be unique and special.


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