DIY Square Wreath with Fresh Flowers

Customized your square wreath with fresh flowers for any holiday or season! At Blooms by the Box, we love the change in seasons and have an obsession with decorating the modern square wreath. As stunning as the wreath is on their own, we took the opportunity to add in some of our fresh-cut favorites to make our custom holiday wreath really stand out.

Something important to remember when you are adding fresh flowers to your wreath the process is no different than creating an arrangement for a DIY event. Depending on the varieties of flowers you choose, you should only expect the flowers added to your wreath to last for a few days – not the entire holiday season! Tricks we recommend that will extend the life of the flowers you choose and your wreath include:

– Mist with water daily or, once your DIY wreath is complete, spray with Crowning Glory to keep the petals hydrated and protect them from browning
– You can also add water tubes to your flowers and fillers to keep them hydrated. Check them regularly and remove daily to replace with clean water.

What you’ll need to add a personal touch to your wreath:

Our favorite winter blooms to add is O’Hara Garden Roses and Brunia Silver. Remember, Brunia Silver. Remember, you can customize with your favorite flowers and color! The wreath we chose is the bay leaf and safari sunset, Specialty Greens Square Wreath.

Supplies Needed:

Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Crowning Glory Clear Solution Spray
Aquatubes (optional)

Step 2- Incorporate your focal flowers into the wreath and secure them to the frame.

Step 3- Repeat the process (step 1) with the Brunia Silver Flower. Make sure to pick up your wreath and give it a little shake when you think you’re done to ensure that everything is securely in place. Spray your finished product with Crowning Glory spray to help the flowers and greens last longer. (Crowning Glory Spray extends the life of cut flowers by about approx. 25 %!)

Step 4- To hang with ribbon, secure it behind the square wreath with floral wire. Carefully hang for all of your guests to admire!

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