Watch this DIY Pantone Classic Blue Centerpiece video to learn the easy steps. This designer dish centerpiece is perfect for a wedding, shower, or anniversary celebration. Order your supplies and flowers on our website for your floral centerpieces. If you have a lot of centerpieces to make, we recommend recruiting friends and family to help. This video will show you step-by-step on how to recreate this easy timeless and classic centerpiece.

DIY Pantone Classic Blue Centerpiece Video

Watch the step-by-step DIY video on how to make this gorgeous centerpiece! Follow the recipe below to make this beautiful DIY Classic Blue Centerpiece. Check out our premade Pantone Blue wedding pack or buy individual bunches.



What You’ll Need:

10-12 stems of Dusty Miller
10-12 stems of Vendela Cream Rose
7-9 stems of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
8 stems of White Lisianthus
8-10 stems of Delphinium Dark Blue
8-10 stems of Thistle Eryngium
8-10 stems of White Veronica
11” designer dish
Waterproof floral tape
Floral foam
Floral scissor 

Follow these 8 simple steps!

1. Saturate floral foam in water. Cut floral foam to fit inside the designer dish.
2. Use waterproof floral tape to secure the wet floral foam to the designer dish. Tape floral foam two times on both sides of the designer dish.
3. Start by adding dollar eucalyptus around the outer of the centerpiece sticking stems into the wet foam.
4. Add Vendela cream roses. Spread the roses out. Start adding eryngium thistle.
5. Fill in dusty miller covering floral foam.
6. Add the dark blue delphinium in between the roses and greenery. Fill in spaces with the white lisianthus and the Verica covering the floral foam.
7. Keep turning the centerpiece filling in any spaces with flowers and greenery showing floral foam.
8. Make the centerpieces as full as you desire

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