DIY wedding hoop bouquets for your bridesmaids, flower girls, or as wall decorations. We are using the 2020 Pantone Classic Blue Flower Pack. They are practical and versatile for your wedding. It is a refreshing alternative to a classic bridal bouquet. A hoop bouquet is lightweight to carry, delicate, and asymmetrical. Use them for a ceremony backdrop or repurpose them at your venue as a wall decoration or hang them on your reception door to welcome guests. It is a perfect laid-back look ultra-versatile for any time of the year wedding. These pretty hoops will dress up your venue with a classic romantic look. The best part of this DIY is that they take a minimal amount of time to make and will fit into any wedding budget.

DIY Wedding Hoop Bouquet- What you’ll Need

Supplies Needed:
Vendela Cream Rose
White Lisianthus
Delphinium Dark Blue 
Thistle Eryngium Blue
Veronica White
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Dusty Miller
Floral Tape
26 Floral Gauge Wire
Floral Scissors
Embroidery Hoop or Macramé Hoop

Steps on “How-to” Make A Hoop Bouquet

Step 1 – Start by laying out your greenery half around the hoop.

Wiring Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Step 2 – Adhere the greenery to the hoop with the floral wire twisting it tight. Trim stems after securing to the hoop with floral wire.

Adding Dusty Miller Greenery

Step 3 – Cut dusty miller and tape together a couple of stems. Secure to the hoop with floral wire twisting wire tightly to the hoop. Add dusty miller to both ends of the silver dollar eucalyptus.

Wiring Thistle

Step 4 – Add 2-3 stems of thistle overlapping the silver dollar eucalyptus. Note: use floral tape before wiring to the hoop.

Preparing Rose Head & Lisianthus

Step 5 – Cut the rose stem about 1 inch from the Bloom. Cut floral wire approx. 4-5 inches. Insert a wire through the base of the stem. Wiring the rose adds stability when attaching to the hoop.

Attaching Roses, Lisianthus & Delphinium

Step 6 – Add white lisianthus on top of the silver dollar and thistle at each end of the hoop with greenery.

Step 7- Add delphinium dark blue centered in the middle of the greenery. Wire Vendela cream roses in the center of the greenery, tightly together facing upward. Attach flowers to the hoop creating an asymmetrical look. Wire the Vendela cream rose facing upright on the metal hoop.

Gorgeous Flower Hoop Bouquet!

Ta-da! See how simple that was to make? You have finished your flower hoop bouquet. A floral hoop is a beautiful alternative bouquet. Make hoop bouquets for your bridesmaids, flower girls, or perfect as a wall backdrop.

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