This tutorial on “How-to” make a Simple Rose Centerpiece is a classic arrangement that will fit any occasion! Whether you are preparing for an engagement party, anniversary, wedding, or Valentine’s Day. This simple romantic rose centerpiece is beautiful. Red roses are a popular flower that symbolizes passionate love and new beginnings. And guess what? It is available all year round! There is no way you can go wrong with this red and white centerpiece. This centerpiece features red freedom roses, cream Vendela roses, baby’s breath, and Italian Ruscus.

DIY a Simple Rose Centerpiece

Supplies Needed:

8 stems of Red Roses
8 stems of Cream Vendela
4 stems of Italian Ruscus
3 stems of Baby’s Breath
9″ Cylinder Glass Vase

Steps on “How-to” Make A Rose Centerpiece

Step 1- Start by arranging roses in a bouquet style, gathering them in your hands, so the blooms form a circle holding tightly. Next, measure stems to vase height. Then, give the stems an even cut. After that, place them in a vase and separate a bit to fit in greens and baby’s breath.

Step 3– Add your greenery around the edges of the vase. Turn vase to check all sides.

Step 4– Lastly, add baby’s breath to fill in any gaps. Don’t forget to turn the vase as you arrange to fill all empty spaces.

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