Our “Behind The Bloom” series gives our customers a chance to share their special stories and DIY experiences. Today’s Behind The Bloom is Diana from New Jersey, a frequent Blooms By The Box customer who was helping host a bridal shower for her best friend, but needed beautiful on a budget!

My best friend is getting MARRIED! First emotion, excitement. Second emotion, worried sick for my bank account.  Luckily, the rest of the bridal party was on the same page.  The wedding shower had to be amazing, but we also knew that we should be smart about spending. After some thoughtful planning, we rented out a local firehouse and looked for ways we could save with DIY. The bride loves flowers, so we had to find a way to incorporate them!

Luckily, I have used BloomsByTheBox a bunch of times in the past and was super confident in my DIY abilities. Although this time, I was ready to try something a little more challenging … a flower wall! I was a little nervous about the project, but it turns out that is was SUPER easy!

What We Ordered:

  • 1 bunch Nageia Nagi
  • 25 stems Carnations White Fancy
  • 1 bunch Mini Carnations Pink
  • 1 bunch Mini Carnations Peach
  • 1 bunch Spray Rose Light Pink
  • 1 bunch Spray Rose White

What Else We Used:

  • Fishing Wire (5lb test)
  • Heavy Duty String (6-7ft)
  • 3- 4ft PVC pipe
  • Sewing Needle
  • Floral Scissors

How to Make a Flower Curtain:



I received the order on Thursday, two days before the Saturday wedding shower. Don’t make the mistake of getting them the day before, they need to open a bit. Upon arrival, I followed the hydration directions that come in the box. The flowers were so fresh, and looked beautiful for the Saturday wedding!


Cut all the flowers, right where the end of the flower and the stem meet. We used about 8 flowers per string and about 6 strings (so around 48-50 stems). Rotate between mini carnations, fancy white carnations and spray roses (stick to smaller/lighter flowers so they stay in place on the string). One bunch of each flower is more than enough for this project (which is super affordable).


Use a regular sewing needle to thread the fishing wire. Tie a knot about 2-3 times at the top so you can thread the flowers onto the fishing line. One by one, add the flowers and space them out on the line to match your color pattern. When you are done with that line, make sure both sides are knotted! Put the finished lines somewhere safe while you finish the rest.


PVC pipe has a hollow center, put the heavy duty string through the center and hang the PVC pipe with the string. Remember to make it a little higher when you first hang it, once you attach the flowers the PVC pipe will weigh it down a bit.


Tie the top of each floral string to the PVC pipe so it hangs down straight. Add each additional string and space them out according to your desired look. We hid our PVC pipe and string behind a curtain however, just in case we decided to put it somewhere else in the venue, and we got a bunch of greens to cover up the work. Remember when it comes to DIY sometimes you need to be flexible with location and logistics, so plan for both options just in case!


It was a great project for the bridal shower, EVERYONE loved it. We used it as a backdrop to the present table and it made for a beautiful backdrop for the bride to take photos and open her gifts. The project took about an hour so it’s totally do-able!

In addition to the flower wall, we put flowers in small bud vases that we sprayed painted in metallic colors. We even used the left over flower heads to sprinkle on tables! The wedding shower turned out to be gorgeous and we saved a bunch of money by DIY’ing most of the décor.




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