Blooms by the Box is proud to present it’s 2020 Pantone color of the year flower pack, Classic blue! Each year Blooms strives to bring the Pantone color of the year to life using beautiful fresh flowers. These colors chosen by Pantone set the mood for the year and often predict some of the best new trends in color palettes for the year. It is decided each year in December which color will the “color of the year.” Here at Blooms we absolutely love to get creative and put a flower pack together that will really instill that color in your DIY wedding or event!

Classic Blue

It’s about time blue got some recognition. It is Afterall a primary color with so much to offer! The versatility of blue is subpar, there are little other colors that can really pair perfectly with so many different blooms and styles. We see blue in everything from upscale, black-tie soirees to backyard rustic weddings and it never disappoints. Back when the color was announced we put together a blog post sharing some fun ideas for color palettes using blue. Check it out here for some extra inspiration! Pantone classic blue promises to be a hit in 2020!

Our Pack

The classic blue pack contains 2 true blue flowers that we find here at blooms by the box, to be best sellers. Thistle, which is a wispy, textured filler with a blue hue is one of our best-selling flowers. And delphinium which offers that bright, punchy pop of blue and is another favorite with its tall structure and soft intricate blooms.

These blues have been paired with white to really make that blue pop. Vendela roses are an ever so slightly ivory rose and a very popular rose among weddings and events. Although it is a white/ivory rose it brings so much depth to its arrangements and never disappoints. This pack also contains white lisianthus which is an underrated flower that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s abundant bunches really go a long way with approx. 4-6 blooms per stem! (not including its light green buds which really give lisianthus that romantic feel.) White veronica also lends itself to the romantic feel with spikey white and green, weeping blooms. A soft pale green, almost grey dusty miller helps to bridge the blue and green together and finally, the favored silver dollar eucalyptus to wrap up this pack.

The Pantone classic blue pack will make 6-8 medium-sized arrangements or bouquets. If you need help with quantities, Blooms offers free flower quotes based on your wedding and what you need to DIY. Email today to get your free quote!

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