So many DIY brides ordering bulk wedding flowers need to have hydrangeas in their wedding. We swear by hydrangeas and their beauty, but only if they are properly hydrated! These beautifies are a bit of a diva. Hydrangeas need a little extra care, but how do we ensure that they will last in wedding arrangements? Here are some tips that will help you keep your hydrangeas perfect for your wedding or event arrangements!

1. Use Floral Food. A little floral food goes a long way. I mean a little not a lot. Too much floral food can damage the flower, just mix in some floral food with the water for an extra boost of floral vase life.

2. Floralife- Hydraflor. This is a solution that is especially good for flowers after they have been in dry transit. Hydraflor pretreatment helps to prevent bent neck, wilting and stem plugging, which all need to prevented with hydrangea use.

3. Floralife Quick Dip. This secret solution is the key hydrangea prep. This hydration pretreatment is specifically useful when using floral foam. Floralife Quick dip seals hydration in and makes drastically makes the vase life of the flowers longer!

These three tips will help you get the most out of your wedding or event flowers. Hydrangeas are most popular because the blooms are so large that you do not need to many flowers in order to make a statement centerpiece!



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