Thinking about using garden roses for your do-it-yourself wedding flower arrangements? They are romantic, fluffy textured roses that can be used in rustic, vintage, classic or even edgy flower designs. The versatility, colors, and shapes available have launched the garden rose into extreme popularity within the wedding industry. If you decide to use these beauties in your do-it-yourself wedding or event arrangements, you should know the following facts first!

DIY Wedding Bouquet InspirationUse this bouquet as inspiration. It simple (easy to make) and jazzed up with a bright ribbon, perfect for a DIY! This bouquet is featured on Southern Weddings and captured by KT Merry Photography.

1. Garden Roses – You Get Them When They are Open
Generally, roses need time to open, but garden roses will already reveal those beautiful, rippled inside petals once you receive your shipment. This means when ordering flowers online from, you should receive the garden roses 2 days before the wedding and event(Remember they are opening during the days they are in transit). This way you will be using the garden roses in their peak condition, and you can order all your flowers to arrive at once!Garden Rose - Opening Process

2. Once Open Garden Roses Have a Short Vase Life.
Garden roses are perfect for events because they are in peak condition for 2-3 days. Although, they do not have a long vase life after fully opening they are beautiful in all stages of their opening process. This is why it is a good idea to use the garden roses when they are in the 3-5 day stage of opening; the flowers will open more in the arrangements alive a couple of days after they are done being used.

3. Colors May Change as the Garden Rose Opens
The color of the garden rose may look different on the inside when fully open than the color on the outer petals. As the rose opens the center petals reveal true colors. Refer to the example below to see how the color of the rose reveals a true peach than when it was closed. Keep in mind that color will vary depending on weather, crop, and season.
Garden Roses - Color opening

4. Garden Rose Hydration Requires One Extra Cut.
Garden Roses have a much-improved vase life when their stems are cut multiple times. When you receive the wholesale garden roses ordered online, you need to take them out of the box, cut the stems under running luke-warm water, and start the hydration process. After a day of the opening cut the stems again, then cut the stems when arranging the flowers. This will elongate the vase life and eliminate bruising that can start to happen.

Yellow and Pink Wedding Flower Bouquets Featured on Southern Weddings and captured by KT Merry Photography.

Overall garden roses are an amazing flower for both DIY/budget couples as well as those who can hire a florist. The flower is often used as a replacement for peonies while they are out of season. It is gracious and comes in many colors. See our selection of garden roses available online today!

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