Flower petals have been part of the wedding tradition for a very long time. But, there are ways to make it your very own with inexpensive wedding DIY! Try some of these designs to personalize your wedding, create a cohesive color theme, and spend less money! This is a great way to cut down on expensive fabrics to get a fit for your color scheme. Try thinking about how you could use them at your wedding, here are some starters!

1. Float petals in submerged centerpieces.

Floating petals add color to the water and reflects gracefully. Another perk is that you do not need too many petals to make an impact. Less petals = less money spent = happy! Play with the petals in the water to get the best look and your set to go! Yup that is right, it is easy, less expensive, and beautiful.  I would say this is a smart choice for centerpieces!

2. Decorative landscape design down the aisle at the wedding ceremony.

Have an outdoor venue that needs a little extra something? The decorative floral design is a great way to add elegance to an everyday aisle or wedding grounds. Using curvy designs adds sophistication. Try this with more colorful petals to make it match your color scheme.

3. Covering the cake table.

                     Covering the cake table with flower petals is a long-lived tradition. People do this for a reason; the cake table can be pretty dull without some decorative and colorful punch. Use flower petals on the table and even on the cake to attract the eye. Personal touches put together the wedding. Having the same flower petals in all places add to the overall theme and pull things together.

4. Give them to the flower girl all day! Not just for the ceremony!

 Putting flower petals in a basket for your flower girl is one of the oldest traditions in weddings. Change it up by giving the flower girl more flower petals for the reception and let her play the part all day. Once again this will add to the cohesive theme you have put together the whole day! And good news, you will always have a trail on the flower girl so you can’t lose her hehe!

5.  Let your guests throw them as you depart from the ceremony as husband and wife!

Doesn’t that look like so much fun? I say flower petals all the way! Ditch the rice and get showered with colorful flower petals that will drift down slowly! It’s fun, and in all honesty, it probably hurts less! Rice sounds harsh, who wants to be making the ouch face in wedding pictures anyway!

 Why Freeze Dried Flower Petals? Simply enough freeze dried petals are the most reliable. They do not run, wet or dry,  and they can’t smudge on fabrics (so they cannot stain your wedding dress or guests clothing!!). They also last forever, your guests can take some home, and you can put them in your wedding scrapbook. You can buy fresh flower petals but they will not last, and they will smudge dresses, clothing, and tablecloths. There are so many decorative designs using flower petals that will give your wedding edge! Post your ideas as a comment!

 Here are some of your options for colors! Click for more!

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