So you’ve (finally!) decided on your color scheme for your big day but that doesn’t mean you can kick back and relax just yet. Aside from the many other things that are awaiting your approval or rejection, your bridesmaids’ bouquets and dresses will make up an important component of the overall look for your wedding. The task may add more stress but it can also be an extremely easy one if you know what you’re doing and how to go about getting it done. Just adhere to the following five easy steps and you’ll find yourself checking “pick bridesmaids’ bouquets” and “pick bridesmaids’ dresses” off your to-do list in no time!

1. Budget
Until someone discovers a true blue money plant (the kind that actually produces money), then the reality of things is that money will probably be an issue for most of us. Keep in mind your budget when picking¬† dresses for your bridesmaids. Whether they are paying or you are paying, there is no need to overspend. By the same token, you don’t have to spend a fortune get beautiful bouquets. Making your own wedding bouquets and getting affordable bridesmaids dresses will cut down the costs of having a bridal party. Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money on a honey moon anyway?

Trendy short pink bridesmaid dress

2. Coordination is key
On your big day, your bridesmaids will complement your bridal look.¬† The bridesmaids’ bouquets and dresses should work together to accentuate your overall wedding theme, dress, and bouquet. This doesn’t, however, equate to having their bouquets be of the exact same color and arrangement as yours. Your bridesmaids’ bouquets could, for example, incorporate certain flowers/colors that are in your bouquet but are more simple than yours. Remember that even though you should coordinate both your bridesmaids’ and your bouquets, their look should never outshine yours.

Beige bridesmaids dresses and pink bouquets

3. Consult your bridesmaids
Your bridesmaids are also around to help you out whenever you need a helping hand, a second opinion, or even a shoulder to cry on. So, if you’re absolutely unsure of what to pick, consult your ladies in waiting. If you happen to have rather opinionated bridesmaids, this step can get pretty tricky. If so, narrow the flower choices that you definitely approve of prior to asking for their input. AND your bridesmaids are not just there for emotional support. If you decide to make your own flower bouquets, have each bridesmaid maker her own with the flowers you picked out!

4. Colors that complement NOT clash
Chances are, on your wedding day, your bridesmaids will be decked in dresses that are not of the same color as yours so a bouquet that will match your dress may not necessarily be just as perfect with your bridesmaids’ dresses. There are many ways in which you can approach the situation but first, ask yourself these questions: What is the color that your bouquet will consist mainly of? Does it match or complement your bridesmaids’ dress? Do you want to contrast your bouquet from your bridesmaids’ instead by having theirs be of a different color? And will that color clash with the color of their dresses?

Coral, Pink, and White Wedding Bouquets

5. Style of bouquet should complement style of dress
Contrary to the bridal dress and bouquet, a simple bridesmaid’s dress calls for a simple bridesmaid’s bouquet. However, if the style of dress happens to be a complex one, don’t go ahead with an equally busy bouquet or you might end up with a look that’s cluttered and distracting. Keep things balanced by ensuring that the style of your bridesmaids’ bouquets is in sync with that of their dresses.

Long Beige Bridesmaids Dress

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