You are here, so that means you’re probably considering doing your own wedding flowers. I am sure you have heard a million opinions but we are here to help you make the right decision for you. We can educate you from experience. Like most people, throwing a Kardashian wedding is not really in the cards, so let’s talk about some things you should DEFINITELY AVOID when you decide to create your own arrangements.

1. Biting off more than you can chew.

You’re not a Kardashian…and you’re not a super hero either. You may have a couple helping hands, but please do not try to build a 9ft flower wall. Realistic DIY wedding flowers usually include bouquets, centerpieces, and a select few accent pieces. Try to make arrangements you can use for your wedding ceremony and reception. Keep in mind that you are probably going to make the arrangements the night before or the day of. Sometimes, brides choose to do all of the bridal party bouquets, groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, and the centerpieces, but leave the bridal bouquet to the florist. Give yourself enough time to create arrangements and still enjoy the rest of the wedding process.


2. Picking a bad delivery address.

Luckily, shipping services let you track a package’s every move. However, picking an address with a difficult drop off process will really complicate things. If you can select a location that you know you will be at for delivery that is ALWAYS best. If not, pick a place someone reliable can receive the package. AVOID addresses with a gate or locked entry that could result in your package being taken back to the carrier facility. Remember, you have ordered LIVE flowers for your wedding, if they end up back at a hot warehouse for a night, you are risking the vase life of the flowers. If you are planning a destination wedding, call the hotel and get the correct delivery address and location before you place your order!


3. Planning storage last minute.

Okay great, you successfully received your flowers! Now, it’s time to cut, hydrate, and store the flowers until they are ready for arranging. If you are home, you can do this in a cool (not freezing!) room or garage or basement. You might make a mess of your kitchen but at least you know your own space and can plan for storage. If you are having your wedding at a hotel or destination, call ahead of time to discuss delivery and storage of the flowers. Planning this out ahead of time will make things much easier. (BTW check out How to Unpack and Prepare Fresh Flowers + How to Transport Flower Arrangements for some great tips!)


4. Picking “exact match” colors for wedding flowers.

All flowers can vary based on growing conditions, so there could be color variations throughout the year. Instead of matching colors exactly and risking some color clashing, select complementary colors or work within a range of shades. This is a very popular tip from very experienced party planners and wedding flower designers that typically make your arrangement flow much better. We have a really fun article about pairing flower colors together for you. Shop wholesale flowers by color when planning!



5. Buying “just enough.”

Although we provide you with the help you need to figure out how much to order for your wedding flowers, we want to stress that you always need to leave room for error and experimentation. A couple of stems may break while you work, a couple of blooms may have imperfections, or you may decide that you want to add a little more to your arrangement or bouquets. Always round up when calculating flower quantities – especially for your focal flowers. If you think you need 8 stems of hydrangea, order 10. Think you need 3 bunches of red ranunculus? Get 4 bunches, just in case. This will make the process much less stressful and you’ll know you have what you need from the start.



6. Being inflexible.

Just one more Kardashian reference, I promise! You are not a Kardashian, so don’t expect to have an out-of-season flower genetically modified and grown to your specifications especially for your wedding …just don’t – you’ll be disappointed! Flowers are a product of nature, and there WILL be color, shape and size variations during different times of the year for most types of flowers. If you are trying to replicate a gorgeous bouquet you found online, you don’t have to use the identical flowers which may not be available for your wedding. You can get the same “look” and “feel” with similar color and texture substitutes. That can also help your budget, because many of the arrangements you see online use some of the most expensive flowers out there! Our flower experts can help you recreate a stunning bouquet using flowers that will be in season for your wedding, and not break your budget.


We have lot of resources for you! You might be interested in reading these articles:
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I hope this answered your questions and helped you plan for your DIY wedding flowers! If you have more questions, the pros at are here! We have a team of dedicated and experienced flower professionals who are very excited to be a part of your wedding planning process.

Looking forward to seeing your questions and comments – we will get back to you!!

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