is thrilled to announce the new offering of bulk roses, making affordable roses for weddings and events an achievable wedding feat. It seems hard to find quality and price coupled together, usually, one of those is comprised for the sake of the other, but not here.  Our specialty farm direct program allows you to purchase premium bulk roses at an extremely affordable price. All bulk roses are harvested, prepped, and packaged in Ecuador and shipped directly to your door with FedEx International Express Service.

Affordable Roses for Weddings

We have every color bulk rose you can imagine! From hot pink to bi-color orange roses! Take a look at our extensive color options, including specialty variety and even grower’s choice.

Bulk Rose Black Magic

We offer multiple sizes that allow you to pick not only the best price point but the best sizes for your arrangements. The 40cm roses are our economy size roses. They are just a bit smaller than your standard size rose and sport a 40cm stem and are commonly used for corsages. The 50cm rose is the standard size rose that you most often see at your local florist, this is the best size for making bouquets. The 60cm rose has a large head and long stem. The large roses are most often used in large centerpiece arrangements.

Eskimo Rose

The bulk roses need to pre-ordered (need to order at least 10 days ahead) but if you are working on a shorter timeline than you can order from our in-stock roses category. You still get an amazing quality, can buy them in smaller quantities, and get them next day! BUT if you are ordering a large quantity, in advance, you can get a big price break by ordering from our bulk rose category.

Affordable Roses for Weddings

Affordable Roses for Weddings

Don’t see a color or variety that you need? Call us or get in touch! We look forward to making sure you get the exact flowers you want and need to your event, at the right price!

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