Baby’s breath has quite the background reputation. It always gets stuck behind the scenes, brides don’t realize it’s potential to be a star, hence its floral name Gysophila Million Star. Gysophila is known for being the most popular wedding filler in arrangements and bouquets, it is rarely known as a focal flower. The great thing about baby’s breath is that is has a wonderful ability to create shape on its own, all you need to do is trim! It easy and give brides a classic dainty look to accent all of their wedding decor. Baby’s breath is a great tool for the DIY Bride because it is inexpensive and can be used to make pretty much any kind of arrangement.

How to make Baby’s Breath a Solo Act:

1. bunch together baby’s breath

2. tie it together

3. trim the baby’s breath to create the desired bouquet/arrangement shape

4. use ribbon or floral vases to create the desired look (modern, traditional, edgy, classic, etc.)

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