There are a million styles of wedding bouquets, and so many are so amazing that it is really hard to only pick one style. I totally get that. Well, I say you should have your cake and eat the whole thing too!! There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching bridesmaids bouquets to get all of your favorite bouquet designs onto the aisle with you. Once again you get to really texturize your wedding (yes I made that word up – but you get it). Texture, texture, texture… it’s huge in current wedding trends. So once again trends are in your favor DIY Bride. You get to have multiple styles that you love while adding texture to your color scheme. Check out this wedding with multiple bouquet styles, what do you think?

Photos Taken By Christine Chang Photography  featured on Style Me Pretty

The flowers are described on Style Me Pretty, “…Chandra (had) the time to create a different bouquet composed of a single type of flower for each of her nine bridesmaids, with all nine types  included in her bridal bouquet.”

Another great reason for varying bouquets is that you do not have to worry about all your bouquets looking the same, which takes a lot of the pressure off the DIY process. You no longer need to worry that each one is perfectly the same and symmetrical because they are all uniquely their own.

The point is that your bridesmaid’s bouquets are a choice that you have to make for your wedding, but the choices are not limited to one style/ cookie cutter idea. These monochromatic bunched flower bouquets are perfect for any wedding color. You can pick flowers just like you pick bridesmaid’s dresses, depending on what each bride likes or you can pick a bunch of styles you like best and let each bride choose which one they want.

What do you think? Are you more traditional and want to stick with all the same type of bridesmaid’s bouquets?


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