Whether you are the bridesmaid or bride-to-be, you will be excited about the bridal shower! The wedding will be taken a lot more seriously, so the bridal shower is a time to throw in all the girly and fun stuff the soon to be hubby does not want to see! That means hot pink, light pink, barbie pink, sparkly pink, just about any color pink! And purple and all the girly themes hubby says no to for the wedding. Get it all out of your system in the bridal shower and use the more traditional and classic looks that hubby agrees on for the wedding!

This picture from OneWed.com features a lot of key flowers  perfect for a Bridal Shower:

1. Rose Sweet Unique

2. Pink Wax Flower

3. White Chrysanthemums

4. You can use light pink carnations to make the hanging pomanders. Check out this for a step by step video for making pink carnation pomanders.

Use your imagination to come up with fun and girly ideas for your bridal shower! I would personally love to see some of the things you come up with.  Please post your pictures here or email them to me at diana@bloomsbythebox.com and I will put them on the blog! Just imagine your very own “feature”! Even if you are a professional photographer, I would love to see it!

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