I have a favorite new arrangement idea! Pomander carnation arrangements!  It’s bright, its fun, and its modern. Paying the big bucks for floral designers to make modern arrangements is no longer a must! Besides, wouldn’t you rather do it yourself and earn bragging rights! I suggest a round pomander arrangement. It will make you look like a pro! Using floral foam gives a round, professional, looking shape. People will think these were expensive and that you used a savvy floral designer.

These arrangements posted by Olga Goddard are easy to make and most importantly can fit ANY budget. Carnations are one of the most inexpensive flowers sold in bulk. But wait, its a combo! All the glass flower containers can be found at craft stores for less then ten dollars a piece! This means you can create all the arrangements for a wedding reception on your own, fast, and within budget! WHAT A DEAL!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Order carnations
2. Upon delivery cut stems, place them in water, and prepare to arrange flowers.
3. Cut stems with floral scissors or a very sharp knife (not regular scissors) so they are only about 1.5″ long, so you can push carnations into floral foam. Sometimes it’s best to cover floral foam with floral tape to hold flowers together.
4. One by one push the carnations into the round floral foam. Make sure they are close enough together so you can’t see foam between flowers. Hint: use a paper towel roll so you can go around the whole bouquet without smashing flowers by placing them on a table.
5. After you have reached desired fullness they are ready to be placed in a floral vase of your choice!
6. Tell all your friends that you hired your favorite designer (jk, be proud of your work!)

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