This week, Katie Couric’s “Wednesday Weddings” featured Darcy Miller, the Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings, giving advice on budget DIY wedding centerpieces! Darcy Miller walked through a beautiful display of DIY tables capes that are budget friendly, easy to create, and fashionable. Watch the full video and read below to download the corresponding resources.

1. Baby’s Breath & Printed Vellum Lace Vases – See how cylinder vases paired with baby’s breath can be jazzed up with Vellum paper! Simply print the lace design on vellum paper, you can download the pattern at Martha Stewart Weddings. To replicate the idea in the video, wrap the vellum paper around cylinders, napkin rings, and decorate votives. We particularly like this project because it is very low stress, low cost, simple, yet beautiful. It gives you the best of both worlds, aesthetic and budget friendly!

2. Fruit Centerpieces –  The trendy fruit centerpieces are super simple to put together. Get a bowl-like shaped vase, add lemons with greenery to achieve the look in the video. Darcy Miller added special candy decor that is very simple to DIY. Martha Stewart provides the candy labels for your wedding, just print the PDF, cut out each label, and glue them to tins!  And if you really want to venture out, alternate between fruit and flowers on your ceremony tables to introduce multiple textures to the atmosphere.

3. DIY Carnation Ombre Centerpieces – Ombre is a trend that seems more difficult to pull off than you think. Just grab flowers in multiple shades of the same color and them place them together from lightest to darkest! If you can’t find a specific flower in every shade you want, don’t rule out the option for floral spray (very authentic looking on flowers!). In the video, Darcy Miller and Katie Couric agree that using carnations in this way makes them look sleek and fashion forward. They are very affordable and can jazz up a wedding when used correctly.

Budget DIY wedding centerpieces are not as hard to put together as you may think! So many brides get in touch with us after creating DIY arrangements and tell us how much fun they had being creative. They had fun arranging and making the flowers so personal for their big day. So what do you think? Do you think you will make your DIY centerpieces?

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