Brides, even if you are not on a tight budget, you may want to spend your money on additional guests or a honeymoon rather than wedding shower flowers. If that is the case, this is the perfect project for your wedding shower! Learn how to use bright colors, textures, dollar store vases, and flowers to make fun, simple, inexpensive DIY arrangements, perfect for any wedding or wedding shower. This is a versatile look that can be changed to match any color scheme or flower choice! In this post, we used bright pink peonies, light pink stock, and purple larkspur.

Your wedding shower is a great time to use bright girly colors that your hubby to be may not be on board with for the wedding. It’s also the perfect wedding event to use wholesale flowers to cut costs. You may not need to cut costs on your wedding flowers but could bear to DIY your wedding shower flowers (it’s even a great project for bridesmaids). Doing your own wedding shower centerpieces is very simple and not very time-consuming. To make things even more simple, only use one type of flower per vase. Remember – simple designs are the best way to pull off professional-looking DIY arrangements! Check out this DIY Flower inspiration for a fun bridal shower look.

DIY Flowers for Bridal Shower

Do- It-Yourself Bridal Shower Flowers

Budget Bridal Shower

Color and Arrangement:

The great part of using one type of flower in each vase is that you can place them in many several clusters that will contribute to the texture of your tablescape. These photos exhibit a couple of different approaches to situating the arrangements together to make different color clusters and shapes along the center of the table.  Don’t over-rely on symmetry, that’s when DIY becomes too uniform and overworked. Making random shapes and filling the room with color should be the main priority.

Details that add to the color palette:

Concentration to small details can make your DIY centerpieces stand out. The green ribbon compliments the natural colors in the stems while adding some extra spunk to each vase. The purple ribbon is an effort to accentuate the larkspur; since the pink plates draw attention to the peonies, the ribbon brings attention to the purple in the larkspur. The pale pink double stock acts as a secondary color that brings interest to the bright pink peony. These bright and girly colors are the perfect wedding shower flowers!

Stock and Larkspur

Wedding Shower Peonies

Inexpensive Vases:  All of the vases in this post were purchased at a dollar store! This makes your DIY Wedding Shower centerpieces even more economic! Also, using an array of different size and shape vases is a great way to create texture and interest. It allows you to spread color and texture across an entire table.  Flowers add so much dimension to a room so try to spread things out to make a high impact with less budget.

DIY wedding flowers can be a way to cut the costs, be creative, and gain bragging rights at your wedding shower. Many people are intimidated by DIY but the truth is bulk flowers are the best way to save and get the look you want at your wedding or wedding events. Not every bride has a $40,000 budget; in fact, most brides don’t. Once you try putting together your shower flowers you are going to want to make your wedding ceremony flowers too. Bouquets are fun and easy to make! There are plenty advice and DIY flower help out there to get you making your arrangements!

Wholesale Flower Centerpieces

Save money and add your personal creativity by making your flower arrangements. Lots of people have weddings, make yours truly unique! For more inspiration and DIY advice, visit today. Any ideas for flower schemes? DIY flower stories to share? Please comment!

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