As a bride, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important and defining decisions is your flower scheme. The idea of DIY’ing your flowers may be daunting, but Blooms By The Box is here with plenty of resources and help! In reality, DIY is all about having fun and getting personal! In that spirit, we have come up with a list of 8 of the benefits of arranging your own flowers, some of which you may not even have known about.

1. You can win a $100 American Express Gift Card! Most of you are DIY’ing your wedding flowers so that you can save money, and we are certainly sure that getting $100 back doesn’t sound so bad. We will be drawing a winner on the 30th of each month! Winners will receive an email notification.

Submit photos of your DIY Flowers from a professional photographer to be eligible to win. You can email the photos to (Diana (at) or submit them here (Don’t forget to enter your email in the photo submission) OR Post a review to Wedding Wire or Project Wedding and email us a link to enter. Email the link to Diana (at)

2. You Save Money. When you order wholesale flowers online, you are saving money by becoming your own personal florist. You are getting all the flowers you need to make bouquets, centerpiece, corsages, and boutonnieres at a fraction of the cost when you bypass the florist. Don’t forget decorations for your ceremony! The photo credit for this lovely aisle decoration goes to The Nickersons.


3. You Get to Tailor The Look to Your Taste. DIY’ing your flowers means it’s all about you! You choose the flowers, colors, textures, and accessories. There are hundreds of different options, and Blooms By The Box is there is help you achieve your dream flowers! This trendy bouquet, photographed by Caitlin Thomas Photography, uses succulents and eucalyptus for a fresh and sophisticated look.


4. Styles Are Trending in Favor of DIY. Whimsical is in, which often incorporates uneven lines and shapes – particularly in bouquets. You’ll notice in the picture below that the bouquet, photographed by Laura Murray Photography and featured on One Hitched Lane is far from perfectly round, yet still breath-taking! It features ranunculus, mini calla lilies, and stock.

whimsical bouquet

The rustic look is also extremely popular right now. What could be simpler than throwing some wildflowers in a mason jar? It’s so simple, and yet the effect is romantic and personal. Check out these rustic vintage centerpieces featured on Wedding Chicks with photo credits to Alea Lovely.


5. You Get a Great Selection of Flowers. When you DIY with Blooms By The Box, you get a large selection of flowers to mix, match, and play around with. Blooms consultants are ready and available to help you select the best options for your needs. While a florist may add their own personal touch, in this case, you get to add yours.

6. You Spend Time With the People You Care About. DIY’ing your flowers is a fun project, and it is guaranteed to bring people together. Have a flower-arranging party with your bridesmaids, your mom and maybe even your future mother-in-law is a wonderful way to tighten old relationships and forge new ones.

7. You Place the Focus on Your Marriage, Not Your Money. Arranging your flowers is the perfect way to draw attention away from materialism and onto you and your intended. Personalized flowers, carefully planned and arranged, add a wonderful note of sincerity. It is so important to add a touch of personality and meaning in every aspect of your wedding.

bridegroomflowersThis beautiful photo is credited to Opiefoto Photography Studios.

8. You Get Lots of Help! Whether it’s from an online picture tutorial or a personal conversation with a Blooms By The Box flower expert, there are tons of resources at your disposal! Check out this tutorial for gorgeous and simple peony centerpieces, featured on Style Me Pretty Living. You’ll notice that there are six different arrangement options, all inspired by one type of flower.

peony arrangement

Whatever your style, DIY’ing your flowers is the key to seeing it through! For more tips and inspiration, visit and start creating! What are your dream wedding flowers?

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