Some people take the advice of the wedding angel on their should that says “go simple.” Those people could not be more right when it comes to DIY wedding bouquets and wholesale flowers! Hydrangeas are one of the best flowers for the Do-It-Yourself wedding available in the wedding industry! They are round in shape, large, easy to work with and come in many colors.  All around simple, simple to pick out, simple to quantify, and simple to arrange. The only stipulation about the hydrangea is that it requires a steady flow of hydration to sustain its vase life.  The good news is, your wedding is only one day and not 2 weeks! As long as you keep the hydrangea bouquet in a vase up until you are ready to put on the bouquet wrap and walk down the aisle, they will be beautiful. Here are some simple hydrangea bouquets that have a lot to offer. Have some more inspiration? Feel free to share!

This pink hydrangea bouquet is very simple to make. All you need to do is wrap floral tape around 5 stems of 5 pink spray tinted hydrangeas, then use silk ribbon to cover up the mechanics. This photo is featured on Style Me Pretty, photography by Silvana Di Franco Photography.

The simple green and blue bouquet were captured by Robert & Kathleen Photographers on Style me Pretty. This is the perfect example of simple and beautiful. The mini green hydrangeas are mixed with blue hydrangeas and babies breath to create an elegant, cleaned lined, bridesmaids bouquet.

glass jar photography, vintage wedding photographyThis simple bouquet is totally amped up with dark blue striped ribbon. A perfect compliment to the white roses and blue hydrangeas. This sassy look was captured by Glass Jar Photography on Rustic Wedding Chic. Try mixing hydrangeas with roses or other soft, fluffy textured flowers to achieve the above look.

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