Memorial day is a great time to use your creativity to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. It can provide inspiration for all year long too. Red, white, and blue can be a beautiful color scheme that is perfect for the all American wedding as well as weekend festivities and family gatherings.  It is bright and happy with a touch of fun! Read below to find out step by step how to recreate these looks.

This photo from Better Homes and Gardens is the perfect display of creativity using fresh wholesale flowers! The red centerpiece can be replicated using red carnations. All you need are two foam shaped wreaths and a flat round piece of foam, 30 red carnations, and floral scissors! You can use foam and spray painted foam to create the cake-like shape. Push the carnations into the floral foam after you have soaked it in water. Cover all the foam with carnations until desired coverage is achieved. Use your fingers to open the carnations to their fullest, this technique will keep you from using more carnations than you need to.

Take advantage of the bright saturated colors carnations we have to offer. For some more DIY fun you can spray tint carnations blue! This way you will have red, white, and blue carnations to either mix and match or use solid colors to decorate with!

There are a whole bunch of ways to incorporate this fun color scheme into a wedding without being too corny! Pair white with a blue and red bouquet to make a patriotic subtle touch to your wedding flowers.

photo credit: Utah Bride Blog

Anyone else has more examples of red white and blue wedding themes that are elegant? Please share in comments.

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