Okay, brides to be, here is proof that anyone can be there own wedding florist. I have never made a floral arrangement in my life! I made this arrangement after a little prepping,  I watched videos from Blooms Workshop and read blogs to teach myself how to create wedding arrangements.  I documented the whole experience as proof to all the brides out there that are afraid to be their own florist. I used my very own camera and set up in the office kitchen. You can check those videos out at youtube.com/bloomsbythebox to learn how I made the arrangements in this post. I think you will find that doing your own wedding flowers is fun, less expensive, and still edgy!

Here is how it turned out (for a step by step video on how to make these arrangements check out our YouTube Channel)


I ordered flowers and started putting together! Here is what you need and how to get started:

1. Peach Versilia Roses, Pink Spray Roses, Gysophilia Million Star, Hypericum Green, and Carnations.

2. I also got Clear Lomey 2″ Diamante Pins,3″ sphere oasis floral foam, O’bowl container, floral foam block.

3. I cut the flowers and put them in water, let the flowers open up and hydrate overnight, picked off all of the guard petals on the roses, and started to arrange.

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