Many times DIY’ers get caught up in their imagination and forget to remember some of the realities of doing their wedding flowers. Just to put things in perspective wants to give you some DIY food for thought, you know to keep you in check. We are keeping your best interests and wallet in mind to make this a great experience.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Katelyn James Photography shotted this beautiful photo, and the most significant part is that she did these DIY arrangements herself! Yes DIY wedding arrangements made by and photographed by the same lovely lady!

TIP #1: Avoid Making A Large Quantity of Large Arrangements
This is simply not do-able if you are doing all your wedding flowers. If you wish to save money with DIY you will need to scale down your expectations in terms of size of the arrangements. If you want to make 20 large rounded pillar arrangements for your wedding ceremony you may want to think about scaling back. Making these arrangements is costly and time consuming. You may not have the time or the budget for extravagant wedding flowers, which is why you are doing-it-yourself in the first place.

Tip #2: Avoid Making Arrangements That Are Hard to Construct
Arrangements that are complicated to make include cascading bouquets, floral garland, large topiary pieces, large extravagant centerpieces, and suspended arrangements. Arrangements with complicated mechanics take much longer to make. The last thing you want to do is stress out the day before your wedding because you do not have enough time to finish your flowers. Keep things simple by using multiple smaller vases, imperfect bouquet shapes, and simple boutonnieres and shoulder corsages. When you need to use floral foam, floral adhesive, floral wire, designer dishes, and duck tape (okay maybe not duck tape hehe) to construct one centerpiece you are going to be overwhelmed. If that is the case, you may need the expertise of a florist.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Too Color Specific

Nature, unfortunately, does not care about your wedding color scheme. Flowers are a part of nature, and when choosing your flower colors, you may have to settle on shades of a color. Often this becomes a great way to add depth to your current color scheme. Try to be open to using colors to add depth to your color scheme rather than match it.

DIY WEdding Flowers 2

Katelyn James Photography

How to get the most out of your DIY Wedding Flowers:
1. Use flowers with lots of color.
2. Use small miscellaneous vases.
3. Cluster vases together to create high impact.
4. Create imperfect trendy bouquet shapes.
5. Use accessories to compliment and bring out the colors in your wedding theme.

Keep in mind that you will be putting together your flowers and you want to make it a fun and creative experience. Keep things simple and dress them up with accessories and accents. The pictures above are an example of DIY flowers done beautifully and without stress. The flowers are plentiful, the colors are bright, but the arrangement style is simple. The accents include lemons, pearls, and lace. The bouquet has an imperfect shape that is beautiful and very trendy and easy to construct. And the arrangements are simple because each vase has a single flower type, but they make a high impact when all placed together. Keep all these ideas in mind when creating your very own DIY Wedding Flower arrangements to get the very most our of your budget.

If you think your arrangement ideas for your DIY may be a little too ambitious post a comment and we will all chime in. So what do you think of our suggestions?!?!

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