Style changes so often that we need to continually update offerings on affordable flower wedding vases for all you DIY’ers. So here we are with an entirely new line of items that we hand selected to make sure do-it-yourself arrangements are the best out there! Now all you need to do is read the post below to help you pick out your wholesale flowers!

Birch Bark Vase copy

Birch Bark Vase: The birch bark vase is extremely versatile. Although it is known for its popularity in romantic winter weddings, the birch bark vase has the potential for much more! Use this vase to make a splash at any event by personalizing them with your family name initials! A perfect way to add a personal touch with some charming style. Photo found here.

Zinc Vases

A crowd pleaser, the Norah Zinc Vases have become the perfect option for DIY’ers using wholesale succulents and mosses in rugged natural themed weddings. They come in many shapes and sizes for a wide range of uses.

We are about to also launch silk flowers, additional wedding supplies, and trendy accessories. Stay tuned to see how you can use these trendy new products.. stayed tuned!





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