DIY flowers are not just for weddings on a budget, but for other events like big backyard graduation parties.  Our customer, Olivia D., ordered flowers from BloomsByTheBox and was kind enough to share her DIY experience with us. She ordered flowers for her graduation celebration and prepared to arrange her flowers using our online resources, like the DIY Flowers 101 lesson series.  Olivia told me, “When I first heard about DIY’ing flowers for an event, I was a little nervous and thought I would never be able to pull it off. It turns out I was wrong! Not only did the flowers come out amazing, I actually enjoyed putting the arrangements together!”


Olivia decided to use mason jars to go with her wildflower-rustic theme. Her flower arrangements were simple. She used yellow spider mums, green pompom buttons, yellow pompom daisies, silver dollar eucalyptus, purple stock, deep pink stock, hot pink spray roses and purple matsumoto asters. These bright and punchy colors really stood out at her summer event!


When we asked Olivia for some advice to give to others looking to DIY she said, “I learned  that it does take a couple hours to prep and arrange the flowers, it is not something you can pull off in an hour. Give yourself enough time for prepping the flowers. I see now that re-hydrating is key, the flowers perked up almost instantly after re-hydrating them. They just need some water after the transit time in the box.”


We also wanted to know what the highlights of using wholesale flowers, she responded, “It was awesome when my guests came over and said, ‘Wow, what beautiful flowers, who made them?’ Instead of saying a florist name, it was pretty sweet that I replied, ‘I did!’”


Not only can Olivia DIY flowers, so can you! It is easy, affordable and the flowers come right to your door! Make your backyard gathering, event or wedding more personal and DIY your flowers!

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