So you’re skeptical about ordering your DIY flowers online?  You’re not alone!  Since we began shipping wholesale flowers and supplies nearly a decade ago, we have fielded questions from all over the world about ordering, shipping and caring for fresh cut flowers.  We’ve put together the top 5 doubts about ordering wholesale flowers online to show you how our practiced and proven order and shipping process makes the most worry-free, budget-friendly way to get your fresh DIY flowers delivered right to your door!

1. I think the flowers will get smashed or damaged during shipment.
I don’t see how flowers can survive out of water! What if the weather is really hot or too cold?

It certainly makes sense to have doubts about shipping something as delicate as fresh cut flowers. The Blooms warehouse crew has an established formula for packing each box with extreme care:  The bunches of flowers, fillers, and greens are carefully placed on top of a foam liner, which sits inside a bubble-wrapped aluminum sleeve. Once sealed, the aluminum sleeve will fully enclose the flowers to keep them from shifting within the box. Ice packs are inserted inside the aluminum sleeve so the flowers do not overheat during transit. Flowers that have a difficult time out of water are packed with water bags at the bottom of their stems. We choose the appropriate size box for the number of flowers being shipped so they are not over-packed (which would mean squished flowers), or not packed enough (which would let them bounce around during shipment.)

Your flowers are packed so that they are securely wrapped in the box in a cool, sealed lining that enables them to travel overnight safely. All flower orders are shipped overnight late in the day on your requested ship date to ensure that your fresh flowers spend the least amount of time in transit. Yes, we pay attention to the weather too! If the weather is hot we upgrade all shipments to arrive for morning delivery. And if it’s really cold, we leave out those ice packs to make sure there are no freeze burns on your flowers.

We take pride in our company and our unique packaging capabilities. Each and every one of our flower packers is professionally trained and truly cares about the successful arrival of the beautiful flowers they work with on a daily basis. We stand by our product and have a very generous refund or reship policy because we are so confident in our shipping process.


2. I don’t know when the flowers should arrive.
When should the ship date be? How long will it take for the flowers to get here? When will they actually be delivered?

Some people completely rule out ordering wholesale flowers online because they think it’s just too complicated to get the flowers with such a sensitive timing window associated with weddings and special events. But it really is simple:   First, we recommend placing your order 2-3 weeks prior to the event, but you can place an order before 2pm Monday-Friday for same day shipping with delivery the next day. The ship date is the day the order ships out, and we recommend a ship date of 3 days before the event.  All flower orders are shipped Next Day, meaning they will arrive the day after the ship date.  Once the order has been shipped, you will be provided with a tracking number where you can check the location and status of your shipment. For example, for a Saturday wedding we recommend selecting a ship date of Wednesday, which means the flowers will arrive on Thursday. Once the delivery arrives, cut the flowers and place them in water. Let them hydrate overnight and then you can arrange on Friday!

3. I have no idea what kind of flowers to order, or how many, and I have no idea how to arrange them.

You may not be a professional, but that’s just fine – we are, and we’re here to help!  We have made DIY flowers easy for you. Check out the resources we have provided for you to answer all these questions. Our DIY Flowers 101 has lessons on how to prep, care for, transport, balance, and arrange the flowers. It also includes our useful Bouquet and Arrangement Flower Quantity table, which gives the number of stems you will need for various sized centerpieces, bouquets, mason jars, corsages, and boutonnieres. When it comes to arranging the flowers, our YouTube channel, Pinterest, and website have thousands of tutorials to give you step-by-step DIY flowers assistance. You can also contact us for a free consultation with your inspiration and we will make sure you get the flowers you want in the correct quantities. We can give you quotes, help you find the most cost effective flower options, tell you what flowers are in a bouquet you like, let you know how many bunches you will need to complete your arrangements, and answer any other questions you have!

4. I can’t buy wholesale flowers online without a resale license.

That doesn’t matter to us! All products on our site are available for delivery to anyone in the continental United States, with or without a license. That’s right, any member of the public can order wholesale flowers at!

5. I’ll have to buy a lot more flowers than I need.

People hear “wholesale” and immediately think “large quantities”. Most online wholesale flower companies offer their product in full box quantities, which often forces you to purchase at least 100 stems of the same flower. At Blooms by the Box, we offer our flowers, fillers, and greenery by the bunch or even by the stem. Bunches typically include 5-10 stems, depending on the variety, and most products include price breaks for multiple bunches. You can get a lot more flower variety and order the perfect quantities for your specific needs while still getting the right prices.


So, you can see, ordering wholesale flowers isn’t so scary after all! In fact, it’s a great way to have your dream wedding or event flowers while you stick to your budget!  In fact, many, many of our customers rave about the fun they have spending time with family and friends creating the bouquets and arrangements together.

If you still have doubts about ordering wholesale flowers online, call us!  Our Blooms staff can walk you through every aspect of planning, ordering and preparing your fresh cut wholesale flowers today!

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